Offices need better communication

By Michael Sitiriche
February 5, 2004

Cecelia Francisco

It seems like every year for the past three years that I have attended Cabrini I go through the same thing each semester when it comes to my loans. Apparently, the business office and the financial aid office don’t communicate at all. Ever since my freshman year my mother receives a bill each time saying I owe a large sum of money when in actuality I am all paid up for. The only thing is that this year it’s more of a problem.

My mother received a letter from the college stating that I owed this good amount of money. My mother in return calls me to see what the problem is. After I get the whole “I never had this problem at Neumann College while your brother was there. At least they knew how to communicate with each office.” I decided to go for myself and speak to the business office while having my mother on the cell phone with me. When I got to the business office they told me the amount that I owed. I laughed in the woman’s face and thought this must be some sick joke. Now I have my mother on the phone and the business office representative in front of me. I decide to give the phone over to her so they can talk it out.

I heard every word my mother said to her. I think the whole fact was that she knew what she was talking about and I guess the woman didn’t expect that. Well my mother was a financial analyst for 25 years, she worked for Metropolitan Life who worked along all the traders at Wall Street Stock Exchange. So needless to say my mother knows her stuff and cannot be tricked into paying for something she shouldn’t have to.

I hope that eventually Cabrini College’s offices can learn to communicate with each other to avoid unnecessary phone calls, because no one wants to go through this every year while paying close to $30,000 a year.

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Michael Sitiriche

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