‘October Road’ kicks off second season

By Grayce Turnbach
November 29, 2007

Where does Nick Garrett go from here? Season two of “October Road” premiered on Thursday, Nov. 22 on ABC.

Let’s not waste any time here. Nick and Eddie ventured to N.Y. to bring back Owen Rowan. The problem here is that Garrett knew about the affair between Owen’s wife and friend Ikey. As you can imagine Owen isn’t Garrett’s biggest fan.

The love life Garrett has doesn’t seem to be working right now. Sometimes hanging on to a memory of what was isn’t the route to travel. Garrett needs a fresh start without the high school sweetheart, Hannah.

Either way he’s back for good or so it seems.

Speaking of high school sweethearts, has Hannah finally opted out of what could be with Nick? It’s quite possible, although the thought seems to still linger in the back of her mind.

Just as we thought Ray “Big Cat” Cataldo was finally out of Hannah’s life, he and his two sons, Casper and Jasper, are right back in. Maybe he’s just a spot holder, or just second best to what she really wants?

Eddie and Hannah take part in a shady conversation. What exactly is it they need to tell Nick? Is Eddie really the father of Hannah’s son? The plot thickens.

Eddie Latekka has finally taken Janet out to see the light of day in public! Thank the lord! It’s about time. There’s not much else to say about Eddie other than he and Janet have made it official.

Owen Rowan has a lot on his plate. What in the world will he due with his unfaithful wife and conniving friend? Physical Phil is still locked up in his house. Will he ever come out and see the light of day?

It’s only two episodes into the second season. Now we wait and see what transpires.

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Grayce Turnbach

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