‘Obsessed:’ hit or miss with Cabrini students

By Sami Godowsky
April 30, 2009


“Obsessed” is the latest action-packed thriller about seduction, adultery and of course obsession.

When a new temp Lisa played by Ali Larter, begins working for a financial planning firm, she has intentions to do more than just business. She plans to seduce her co-worker Derek played by Idris Elba, who is happily married to Sharon played by Beyonce Knowles.

Derek spends a good portion of the movie denying Lisa’s attempts to seduce him, causing her to become crazy and eventually obsessed.

On the other hand, Sharon becomes insane worrying about her husband, who is a new employee as well.

Although Derek is a devoted husband, she has worries that he might give into temptation, because she scorned her husband in a similar situation. Before settling down with Sharon, Derek did not have the best reputation with women either.

Due to his past, Sharon has convinced her husband to only hire male assistants, until Lisa comes into the picture.

With two crazy women chasing him, there are some pretty serious cat fights that occur.

So what did students at Cabrini think of “Obsessed?”

“I thought ‘Obsessed’ was very suspenseful. I was on the edge of seat for most of the movie. Beyonce did really well in this more serious kind of role,” Jen Fries, junior English major, said.

However, not everyone is as enthusiastic about Beyonce’s performance.

“Obsessed” is totally predictable and the plot seemed a bit far fetched. As for Beyonce, I think she should stick to what she knows-singing,” Ria McDonald, sophomore communication major, said.

Many critics are comparing “Obsessed” to a new version of the classic blockbuster “Fatal Attraction.”

“I think “Obsessed” was good, but I would not compare it to ‘Fatal Attraction.’ It was not that good,” Jessica Pacana, junior elementary education major, said.

If you are looking to see a suspenseful thriller and an exciting cat-fight between Beyonce and Ali Larter, then go see “Obsessed”and make your own opinion of the movie.

Sami Godowsky

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