Obama the Future of America

By Georgette Breen-Naylor
October 22, 2012

The final Presidential debate gave audiences across America one last chance to watch these candidates battle back and forth on the selected topics and anything else they could fit in. After a surprising upset in the first debate, Obama stopped the surge in the second debate, and on Oct. 22, 2012 President Obama proved to be our nation’s future leader. After three long battles between these candidates, the final punches were thrown in the final debate on Monday night.

From the first to last debate these candidates have changed their approaches and character in order to please more voters. Many said Romney was too aggressive and needed to show a more controlled side. While Obama enthusiasts felt the President needed to show leadership and speak up. President Obama was able to prove to the American public during the final debate that he has a clear strategy to help this country in all aspects.

Although the topic that was supposed to be covered was foreign policy, the President used his final opportunity to debate issues that were not in the format. Obama made sure that Romney’s plan for our future economy was again explained how it cannot mathematically work. The President provided a lot of historical information about how the country had succeeded and failed under two different types of government. President Obama displayed a great amount of character during the final debate as he used his experience as Commander-in-Chief to describe in detail what he goes through during every decision made.

Libya, among other Middle Eastern countries, was discussed in great detail and although it was a debate, Romney didn’t seem to have much to disagree on. Governor Romney took his parties advice and presented a very calm personality during the final Presidential debate. However, he also agreed with most everything President Obama had to say. Governor Romney did not look his usual bright, aggressive, charming self.

Being President of the United States of America takes a great toll on the individual’s body, mind, but most obvious his facial features and hair. We can see that Obama has sprouted some patches of gray, longing in the face, but why did Romney appear to have some of the same characteristics in the final President debate. Governor Romney’s face looked very tired and it appeared as if he was not the same enthusiastic candidate he was when we started these debates. He was not able to recall historical facts to help provide explanations behind his logic nor did he seem prepared for this debate.

While President Obama was able to describe in detail his plans for future foreign policy issues, Romney was still having trouble putting facts behind his words. These debates, and especially this final one, should help every undecided voter to have a clear choice now.

You either want to vote for someone who has changed his stance on most policies from birth control, to women’s rights, to what he believes the size of small business is. Or you want to elect a man who will fight for every family in this country to make sure that their safety is a priority, our economy gets back up on its own two feet with keeping jobs in the country, and funding areas like education to further advance our students to be more knowledgeable for the jobs of the future. After watching the final Presidential debate it was clear that Obama, like in his first term as the President, withstood the blows, bounced back, and is ready to not only win over the hearts of American voters, but the hearts of all those across the world.

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Georgette Breen-Naylor

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