Noyes brings inspiration to graduate students

By Jason Moran
November 12, 2009

Shannon Keough

Since the age of 14, Dr. David Noyes knew he wanted to teach and have a life in education. From that time Noyes has experienced a lot and worked very hard to inspire his students.

Noyes joined Cabrini College in August. Before that time he was happily retired, working on his mountain house while fishing and enjoying the outdoors. He came to Cabrini when a colleague of his mentioned to him that Cabrini had an opening in the leadership program.

At Cabrini, Noyes works in graduate and professional studies and teaches three classes this semester. In his classes, he trains teachers to become school principals. Noyes spends his time teaching on and off campus. One of his students said how Noyes was such a good teacher because he has so much experience in education.

Noyes has completed a lot of schooling in his time as a student. After high school he joined the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Learning to sail as a child inspired Noyes to join the Coast Guard. He spent time on the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Eagle, a sailing vessel. He also traveled to Denmark and England when he was with the Coast Guard. After the Coast Guard, Noyes went on to West Chester University to get his teaching certification and his bachelor’s degree. While at West Chester, Noyes held a full- time job while going to school, so he was constantly busy.

Noyes then went on to get his master’s degree at Villanova in Leadership and Education and his doctorate at Villanova Southeastern in Florida. Since that time, Noyes has spent 37 years in education as a teacher and administrator.

Growing up, Noyes’s favorite class was biology. He was fortunate enough to have a great biology teacher to get his attention, and since then he has been fascinated with the biology field. Before knowing he wanted to be a teacher, Noyes wanted to be a physician, but he realized it would be too expensive to go through the schooling to become one.

In his class, Noyes tries to teach his students three main points; leadership, problem solving and service.

“In order to lead, you must serve those who you are leading,” Noyes said. He believes that Jesus Christ was the most influential leader in modern world history. Noyes was also inspired by Abraham Lincoln for his leadership skills.

Noyes said he likes to teach because he can help people and have an influence on their future.

Away from the classroom, Noyes enjoys fishing, hunting and carpentry. His favorite food is pasta. Noyes makes his own sauce and is known among his friends for making great pasta sauce and being an overall good chef. His favorite movie is the Civil War movie “Gettysburg,” because it has a lot of great leadership scenes and his favorite TV show is Man Vs. Wild on the Discovery channel.

Noyes advice for students is to “live to serve, because it will put you in a position of respect.”

Jason Moran

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