Not unlucky but 13Even

By Katie Reing
November 21, 2002

“I do a lot of walking. and one day I ran into Greg. He needed a singer, and I thought ‘Why not?'” Kevin Healey, the lead singer of 13Even, said shrugging. Kevin rocks back and forth in his chair and drops his eyes almost shyly. Hard to believe that the lead singer of an aggressive rock band could be shy, but then 13Even hardly fits the norm when it comes to music.

The five-member band from Yardley, Pa. has been together for over a year now. Composed of guitarists John Bozzuto and Jack Wood, drummer Greg Thompson, bassist Aaron Huntsberry, and lead vocalist Kevin Healey, the band behaves as if they’ve been together for decades; passing quiet jokes and teasing each other good naturedly. 13Even is not just about the fun friendship the guys in band share, it’s about the music. And the band knows it. Pouring emotion and intellect into their lyrics and creativity and energy into their music, the band exudes a confidence and edge while performing that has earned them a close following among Philadelphia’s rock fans.

The band paid a visit to Cabrini College on October 7. 13Even performed live on WYBF “The Burn” for an hour and a half jam session. Band member John Bozzuto is a former Cabrini student, although Bozzuto claims that “Every member of the band has at one time or another thrown up or [partied] here.” During the ninety minute show, 13Even played crowd favorites such as “Invalid from Heck,” “Relax,” and even an acoustic cover of Guns ‘N Roses hit “Welcome to the Jungle.”

“Our goal is to bring creativity and thought into our song writing,” said Healey. In addition to their close fan base, 13Even’s unique music has earned them a clothing endorsement from the California based extreme sports company SPLIT. 13Even also has played with bands such as Lost Prophets, Hoobastank, and Breaking Benjamin’s.

13Even will be performing on October 25 at The Haunted Park in Norwood, Pa at 8pm. You can find out more about 13Even on the web at

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Katie Reing

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