Not just good looks

By Jillian Smith
March 27, 2008

Close your eyes. Now, picture you’re on the beach. You look to your left and there is Hillary Clinton, in a bikini. Look to your right, and there is Barack Obama in his swim trunks. Now, no questions about it, Obama is sure to look better in a bathing suit than Clinton, however, is that all he is good at – looking better than his opponent?

Sure, Obama is a nice-looking African-American man who has charmed his way through the Senate and into the hearts of Americans but how does his resume look?

It barely exists.

A few great policy papers, passing only one bill and one or two important speeches really doesn’t add up to an outstanding resume. I mean, how could he have a red-hot resume when he’s only been in politics for 12 years.

With little, to no experience, no wonder why he’s making such big promises on his campaign. He was stated as saying, “I will bring this war to an end in 2009” by hoping to bring home one or two combat brigades each month, with all brigades out in 16 months. Excuse me? All combat brigades out of Iraq in 16 months after him being sworn in as President? Maybe I’m bad at math but wouldn’t that mean the war would end in 2010?

Obama is a dreamer. Someone who hopes for the best but doesn’t have any evidence to support him or his campaign. However, he does have a confidence about him that makes him seem like he knows what he’s talking about. Just wait until he has to resurrect these plans, that’s when his charm and good looks won’t be able to help him.

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Jillian Smith

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