No meat on Fridays is not fair

By Julian Smoger
February 21, 2002

Picture this. You’re a college student, and you’re hungry. You wander over to the Wigwam in search of a tasty juicy cheese steak only to find out that because it’s Ash Wednesday, a Catholic holiday, meat will not be served at all.

Then you go on to find out that meat will not be served at all every Friday until Easter. This angers you. Why? Because you aren’t Catholic, and maybe, like me, you aren’t even of Christian denomination. But alas, you find yourself having to adhere to the same rules as the other Christian students.

I feel that Cabrini, or whomever made this decision, is in the wrong. Granted, the school is a Catholic institution, but they allow anyone to come here, including people of non-Christian religions, and therefore should also cater to their needs.

I have already heard many complaints about this no meat thing happening for Lent and I assume people will get angrier.

I respect the fact that Christians want to adhere to their rules, but that doesn’t mean making it harder for everyone else who doesn’t believe in that faith.

The food courts can still serve meat, and people can choose to eat it or not, it’s their choice. The school shouldn’t make the choice for everyone. I want my cheese steak on Fridays; and I bet a lot of the school does as well.

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Julian Smoger

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