No hiding deceit

By Michael Sitiriche
October 16, 2003

Cecelia Francisco

How do you know when enough is enough?

At one point in everyone’s life, you meet that special someone that you feel is just right for you. You fall in love with this person and realize that this might be the one. It’s the time you spend together, the things you experience and the things you do for each other that makes you feel your relationship will stand the test of time. The more love that is shown to each other, the deeper in love you become. Now, how safe is that love? When you fall deeply in love with someone you become vulnerable. That could be dangerous if the one you love can’t be trusted. Some people get stepped all over on and treated like dirt. You get angry, annoyed, and you may even cry because the pain can at times be unbearable. How do you deal with this? Some people feel that once something like this happens that’s it. It’s over – they have seen the “light,” they should let that person go and start their new life.

I feel that when you have put so much time into a relationship, that to just give up would be a waste of time. But when do you say enough is enough? What draws the line? What makes you say that it’s over?

There are things that occur in a relationship that just shouldn’t happen. To me, cheating is the one thing that I could NEVER forgive. If you love someone to the extent that you declare your undying love for them and promise them a life together that’s something that just shouldn’t happen. Yes, there are ways of hiding your cheating ways but I feel you’re better off being honest when you are confronted, rather than lying and having them find out down the line that you cheated. A scare like that can ruin a person’s future relationships.

You have control! Don’t let the phrase “I love you” make you want to take that faulty person back. Some people use that phrase to get the things they want and that’s it.

Friends can make things better but they can also make things worse depending on how biased your friends can be. I have been lucky to have the kind of friends that listen, offer judgment when they know I can take it, and comfort me when they know I need it.

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Michael Sitiriche

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