No help from the IST department

By Staff Writer
October 25, 2001

Have you had a problem with your computer and needed the IST department to help you? I’m sure this has happened to most of you. I have had a problem with my computer for about a month now. I’ve left messages on their voice mail at least once a week. They never returned my phone calls. I do not think they are that busy that they cannot return phone calls. There have been many times where I have walked by the IST office, and they are sitting at the desk either on a personal phone call or playing on their computer. I do not think I’ve seen them do anything all year.

I understand that there are a lot of people on campus and not that many computer workers, but shouldn’t they show more concern towards the students? I mean Cabrini is about the students, isn’t it? Ever since I visited this school for the first time I’ve been told that the faculty and staff are here to help the students, and they will do more for you then at a large university. I think that the new IST department needs to think on a Cabrini level instead of a Drexel level.

I never got a phone call returned. I complained to residence life about my problem and a couple days later the IST department called me. Now should we have to complain about everything to someone who is in charge in order to get something from this school? I don’t think this is fair. I had to drive a half an hour away to take my computer somewhere else in an area and I didn’t know to if I needed to get it fixed because nobody here wanted to help me.

Last year I did not think too highly about the IST department either because I thought that they took too long to come to your room. The good part about it was that they actually showed up. If you called and left a message they would call you back and make an appointment to come to your room and fix your computer. I think it should still be like that.

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Staff Writer

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