Issue 4 News briefs

By Jessica Johnson-Petty
September 28, 2011

Davis executed after being denied petition

After the Supreme Court declined the petition from his lawyers, Troy Davis was executed following his conviction of murdering a Savannah, Ga. police officer, 22 years ago. His case and execution, had become a symbol of “the battle over the death penalty and racial imbalance in the justice system.”

Read original story on | Sept. 12, 2011


Bombs strike Iraqi Shiite holy city, killing 15

Four explosives killed 15 people outside of a passport office in Shiite, the holy city of Karbala. With 15 dead and more than 80 wounded, on Sunday, Sept. 15, the number of wounded individuals are continuously rising in the local hospital.There is no group currently claiming the bombing, however the tactics are similar to al-Qaida in Iraq and other Sunni extremist groups.

Read original story on | Sept. 25, 2011


Power blackout hits Chile, shuts down copper mines

On Saturday, Sept. 24, a power outage darkened a large portion of the country of Chile, including the capital, Santiago. This outage unveiled the sensitivity in the energy grid, which occurred due to a powerful earthquake in 2010. Engineers were able to restore power to 90 percent in some areas for a few hours. The actual cause of the outage was unknown, but it is known that the computers for the energy grid had malfunctioned.

Read original story on | Sept. 24, 2011


NASA satellite ends fall, likely in the Pacific Ocean

A dead NASA satellite fell back to Earth on Saturday, Sept. 24 after being in space since its deployment from the space shuttle Discovery in 1991.Weighing six tons, the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite caused a stir around the world as it fell. NASA received reports stating that people saw lights and pieces falling off and down. There were no injuries to anyone by the satellite’s falling debris.

Read original story on | Sept. 24, 2011


The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite fell back to earth Saturday Sept. 24 after 20 years in orbit.


Facebook to offer new path to digital media

Digital music sites may be partnering with Facebook. Facebook will adopt a system that will make it easier for the users to share music, television shows and movies. By doing this, sites like Spotify, Rhapsody and smaller competitors will benefit because it will introduce their services to new larger audiences.

Read original story on | Sept. 18, 2011

Philly city council shrugs at backroom school dealing

A school contract was unsuccessful between State Rep. Dwight Evans and former School Reform Commission Chairman Robert L. Archie, Jr. The council members called behavior of the men, “the stuff of everyday politics in Philadelphia.” Although some council members spoke on Evans’ behalf, in defense of a nonprofit in New Jersey to receive a charter school. Mayor Nutter described how both men privately pursued another charter school official to back out of the contract.

Read original story on | Sept. 24, 2011


Gasoline prices continue to slide in Philly area  

Gasoline prices continued to decline, with pump prices falling by two cents per gallon overnight in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and by a penny in South Jersey, AAA Mid-Atlantic said.

Read original story on | Sept. 27, 2011


Expert on African-American History to speak at Cabrini on “Women, Religion, Race and Civil Rights”

Award-winning author Bettye Collier-Thomas, Ph.D. will  present “The Nexus: Women, Religion, Race and Civil Rights.”She will speak on Thursday, Sept. 29. Collier-Thomas will deliver the Jolyon Pitt Girard Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence lecture as well. The program brings eminent historians to campus as a way to honor the creativity of teaching, something Girard personified at Cabrini.

Read original story on | Sept. 7, 2011

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Jessica Johnson-Petty

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