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By Kelly Hannan
October 4, 2010

National and Global

Military pushes for renewable energy resources

Solar panels like those pictured above are being implemented into the U.S. military. The equipment is replacing fossil fuel-run equipment because insurgence are attacking fuel convoys. -- MCT

The U.S. military is calling for decreased dependence on foreign fossil fuels due to insurgent attacks on fuel supply convoys in and around Afghanistan.
Portable solar panels, energy efficient lights, solar powered electronics and communications equipment are now being implemented into the military via a company out of California.
The equipment is designed to take the place of diesel and kerosene-based fuels within Company I, Third Battalion, Fifth Marines.

Read the original story on | Friday, Oct. 4, 2010

U.N. efforts futile in Congo

At least 200 women were gang-raped by armed rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo, unveiling reality of the United Nations lack of authority.

The brutality that occurred in late July demonstrated that although the United Nations have poured billions of dollars and a decade of time into peacekeeping efforts, they have still continued to fail at protecting the citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Las Vegas feels effects of recession

The gambling capital of the world is being sent into an economic rut.  Unemployment in Las Vegas, Nev. is the highest in the nation reaching 14.4 percent.

The Plaza Hotel and Casino is the latest high-profile hotel to take a hit to the city after it was announced they were laying off over 400 workers. Read the original story on | Friday, Oct. 1, 2010

Chinese holiday causes confusion

A week-long mandated holiday in Beijing caused confusion and jam-packed public transportation as an estimated 200 million people tried to begin their forced holiday on Friday.

Workers are confused in China by their holiday schedules so much so there are cheat sheets surfacing the internet.

The government has increased the number of official holidays from 10 to 11. These government holidays are causing much confusion and causing many problems.

These enforced holidays are unpaid leaving many workers and citizens stuck in their offices doing work on their given days off.  The government is now looking to put an end to National Day Holiday. Read the original story on | Friday, Oct. 1, 2010

Region & Campus

N.J. father kills children, later shot by police

In Pennsauken, N.J. a father of three went on a rampage late last Thursday, Sept. 28, fatally shooting two of his sons and critically injuring the other.

After shooting the members of  his family the father, Alfred Moton, then lit his house on fire.  Police arrived to find Moton with a handgun, lighter and gasoline container nearby.  He did not surrender to police and was shot multiple times until dead.

Read the original story on | saturday, Oct. 2, 2010

Jury selection begins in high-profile case
Rasheed Scrugs, 35, a West Philadelphia parolee, shot and killed Philadelphia Police Officer John Pawlowski, 25 years of age on Feb. 13, 2009.  Jury selection is under way this week.  By next week 12 jurors will be selected to hear the death penalty trial of Scrugs.
Pawlowski was responding to a 911 call outside the SEPTA transit station on Broad and Olney Avenue. The call was made by a cabdriver claiming Scrugs was threatening him.

Read the original story on | Monday, Oct. 4, 2010

Public safety report released

The Public Safety Department at Cabrini College released their annual campus public safety and fire safety report last week.  The report contains information regarding campus crime, emergency protocols and issues dealing with student and faculty safety.
Public Safety’s mission is to provide the campus with a safe atmosphere.
For the complete report from Public Safety, visit

Kelly Hannan

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