Thursday Briefing for Oct. 25, 2012

By Nicholas Cipollone
October 26, 2012

Sparring Over Foreign Policy, Obama Goes on the Offense

At the debate Monday night President Obama was on the offensive attacking Romney and calling his plans “wrong and reckless.” Romney countered in explaining that the United States is not a presence around the world. Romney’s main point being the apology tour and how the United States is appearing weaker and the “apology tour” by Obama did not work. The candidates then go on to argue about the attacks in Lybia and how to handle the different relations with countries that pose a nuclear threat. The debate steered away from the foreign policies that it was supposed to be on, to discussions about domestic policies.

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Settlement Eases Rules for Some Medicare Patients

Policy change from the Obama administration may make it easier for people who have chronic conditions and disabilities. Medicare will now pay to keep the patient at their “current condition, or prevent or slow further deterioration.” Also, Medicare will also not turn it’s back on a patient that has no room for improvement. The settlement is likely to generate additional cost from the government, but at the same time save money as well.

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Benghazi and Arab Spring Rear Up in U.S. Campaign

After the attacks on the United States ambassador, Obama launched more surveillance drones over Lybia. United States appears to be weak compared to other countries. Under the leadership of Obama his presence in other country is seen as weak. “There is a widespread sense in the region that Obama is a weak, somewhat feckless leader,” Shadi Hamid said.

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‘Worried Sick’: Meningitis Risk Haunts 14,000

Cathy Literski was hospitalized after passing out after getting a contaminated steroid shot that is carrying a fungus that could cause meningitis. About 14,000 people are in this situation with 282 contacting the disease and 23 people have died from similar injections like methylprednisolone.

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U.S. Marriage Act Is Unfair to Gays, Court Panel Says

Federal appeals court ruled that gays are a class of people who deserve the same kinds of constitutional rights as other victims of discrimination. This is not the only attack on the Defense of Marriage act that was passed in 1996. The question if gay marriage is “holy matrimony,” still remains as it is still new and unknown in history and is not a tradition.

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Seized by Rebels, Town Is Crushed by Syrian Forces

In the town of Maarat al-Noaman in northern Syria soldiers celebrated atop government vehicles and declare the town “liberated.” A major victory for the insurgents to drive government forces from checkpoints at a crucial crossroads on a major highway. Abu Ahmed the commander of a group of fighters from a nearby village has claimed to have 600 prisoners said he is not sure what to do with them. Even feeding them is a problem as they barely have enough food to feed their own families.

Read the original story at | October 18, 2012

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Nicholas Cipollone

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