News Briefing Issue 09

By Sean Collins
November 2, 2011

Afghan suicide bomber kills 17

A bomb planted on a U.S. bus traveling through Kabul, Afghanistan killed 17 people on Saturday, Oct. 29.

The explosion killed five U.S. soldiers, eight construction workers as well as four Afghan civilians. Military officials are saying that this is the worst attack on Americans in the capital since the war began.

The armored shuttle bus was attacked by a Taliban suicide bomber. The attack was just one of four in the last few days.

Read the original story in | Oct. 29, 2011


Natural gas leases opposed by mortgage companies

Over 1 million leases have been signed by individuals across America allowing companies to start drilling for natural gas on their property.

With the economy still in dire straits and natural gas becoming more important for energy resources, Americans have been rushing to sign the leases.

However, mortgage lenders have been trying to reinforce restrictions, as property values are also a factor in this debate over natural gas.

Read the original story in | Oct. 19, 2011


Walt Disney Company resists Florida gambling

The Walt Disney Company is in a battle with casino investors bent on spending billions of dollars for Florida gambling resorts and casinos.

A family-friendly company for decades, Disney wants to keep the area’s image. On Disney’s side is the Florida Chamber of Commerce. Florida must either try to keep the family resort image it has maintained so far,  or they will need to sell their “tourism soul” to improve a suffering state economy.

Read the original story in | Oct. 28, 2011


Companies seek business in newly-free Libya

Following the death of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, Libya appears to be open for business to outside investors.

Security, construction and infrastructure companies are now setting up shop and are seeking new opportunities.

However, some may think it has left Libya “ripe for the picking” from western companies who recognize this as an opportunity for profit at the expense of the Libyan people.

Read the original story in | Oct. 28, 2011


Haiti reinstates national army

Haitian President Michel Martelly has pushed for the decision to form a Haitian military.

This decision changes a previous one by former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Aristide had disbanded the military in 1995 due to human rights abuses.

Haitian boys and men are now joining the country’s newly founded military.

Read the original story in | Oct. 25, 2011


Early storm pelts East Coast with wet snow

Snow fell on Saturday, Oct. 29 throughout the local area and the entire Northeast.

It started off as an icy rain accompanied by strong winds. The temperature dropped throughout the day, bringing wet snow.

This unexpected snow storm caused a series of power outages throughout the whole region.

Read the original story in | Oct. 29, 2011

Snow covers pumpkins at Marano Gardens in Ft. Washington, Pa. on Saturday, Oct. 29. An early October snowstorm moved through the Northeast, cutting off electrical service to an estimated 1.7 million people.


Peace advocates robbed in Camden

Two participants in a Camden peace march were robbed at gun point on Friday, Oct. 28.

This has caused some anxiety among many city residents. Neighbors said they do not feel safe allowing their children to trick-or-treat, especially since the two thieves were not caught

Police will be on the look-out.

Read the original story in | Oct. 27, 2011


Free piano concert scheduled

A free concert will be held in the Mansion on Sunday, Nov. 13 featuring pianist Sylvia Toran.

Toran is internationally known and has played around the world. She earned a Master’s Degree from the Julliard School of Music under Eric Wild.

She will be playing selections from various Spanish composers.

Cabrini warmly welcomes this accomplished artist.

Read the original story in | Oct. 28, 2011


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Sean Collins

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