News Blurbals Issue 5

By Chris Sarvadi
October 4, 2010

Casinos Eye Online Gambling

Online gambling is a favorite pass time among Americans but is illegal.  Casinos have been opposed to the thought but now are asking congress to legalize some form of it.  The American Gaming Association suggested that online gaming, if properly regulated, could be very profitable.  Many suggest that if some form of legalized gambling is allowed, it would be in the form of Internet poker.  Industry analysis give it little to no chance of passage in Congress because not all of the big casinos are behind the bill.

Read the original story in The New York Times Times | October 3, 2010

Condom Use High Among Teens

Study finds that condom usage is becoming the norm among young people.  80 percent of boys and 69 percent of girls claimed they ahd used a condom during the last time they had intercourse.  Adults on the other hand surveyed under half used protection last time they had relations.  This is the first time since 1992 that condoms have been the typical use in sexually active young adults.

Read original story in The New York Times | October 4, 2010

Lower Interest Rates Fail to Liven Economy  in Tough Times

Big corporations are borrowing more and more money because they can right now as small businesses are being turned aways.  Normally they would be spending the money to improve they infrastructure but are stockpiling the cash and waiting for the economy to improve.  The Federal Reserve held the interest rates at next to nothing for just about two years, this was to spur companies to invest back into themselves and create jobs.  Many Americans have been hurt by the low rates but big companies have been the major beneficiaries.

Read original story in The New York Times | October 3, 2010

States Allowing Guns in Restaurants and Bars

Tennessee expanded its gun rights by allowing people to carry loaded firearms into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol.  Arizona, Virginia, and Georgia also allow guns in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, and 18 other states allow guns in restaurants that serve alcohol.  Gun rights advocates approve of the law but others are not to happy.  This comes after two landmark Supreme Court rulings that citizens have a right to well regulated militia and a loaded handgun for self and home defense.

Read the original story in The New York Times | October 3, 2010

Rape in the Congo Shows U.N. Deficiency

Rebel gangs, gang raping women with U.N. troops stationed just down the road.  This continued for three days and showed th short comings of the U.N.’s prime goal of protecting civilians.  As the last line of defense, the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s army has a long history of abuses and often do not follow protocol.  The U.N. has called the sexual violence in the Congo as the worlds worst.

Read the original story in The New York Times | October 3, 2010

Chris Sarvadi

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