New Residence Hall Disputes

By Staff Writer
October 24, 2002

All last year, I couldn’t wait to be able to live in The New Residence Hall, after all anything was better than living in Woodcrest. I was so happy to finally be in the sophomore housing, in a half way descent size double. To my surprise my room, that my roommate and I went and pick out in March of last year was switched because the school had run out of rooms for the freshman and now three freshman our in the room that two sophomores picked out. All the school said was that we reserve the right to switch your room at any point. Okay, we dealt with that the room my roommate and I are in isn’t that bad but when you expect a larger room and find out the week before school starts that you are in a room you have no idea the size of it is a little upsetting. Not to mention that the majority of my wing is freshman, there are more freshman than sophomores, I think you would find that in a couple other wings also.
We dealt with the room switch and I figured okay well New Res is still better than Woodcrest. On moving in day I walked into the bathroom and noticed that there was no soap and no paper towels. There wasn’t even a paper towel holder or soap dispenser anywhere. A little strange but I thought maybe once we got into the school year, the school supplies it. Boy was I wrong. I don’t understand how a building that is only two years old is missing paper towel holders and soap dispensers. Woodcrest was built the late 1950s and all the bathrooms have soap dispensers and paper towel holders. I also recall a number of parents voicing their concerns about the bathrooms were lacking these two major components.
During the second weekend we were in school, our bathroom ran out of toilet paper. Not that big of a deal, except it has happened at least seven times since then. Did I mention that we ran out of toilet paper on Sunday night and it was not replaced until 4:30 Monday afternoon. Luckily one of the girls on my floor happened to have a roll of toilet paper with her. What are the chances of that? I know I don’t carry a spare roll of toilet paper with me. The next weekend the same thing happened, this time it was my roommate who had to put in a roll of toilet paper. A couple of the girls on my floor have said something to the cleaning ladies asking them if there is any way they can put extra toilet paper in the stalls or if they could put an extra roll in our extra community closet that is empty. The cleaning ladies told us that there was nothing they could do because they are only given so much toilet paper for the building and they have to split it up between the twenty or so bathrooms that are in the building. Off the record two of the cleaning ladies even told us that they are suppose to get a bag of toilet paper for each floor however they have only been getting a bag for the whole building. Is something wrong here? I think so.
A couple of the girls on my floor also said that they were informed that the reason we are not fully supplied with toilet paper is because whoever is in charge of making sure we have enough toilet paper to last us doesn’t understand how girls can go through so much toilet paper. All I have to say is that he must be a man because obviously they don’t understand, without going into any details how many things girls do need toilet paper for not to mention the fact that we are not supplied with paper towels so when someone has to brush their teeth or wash their dishes or whatever else un foreseen factors may arise since we don’t have paper towels we might as well use a piece of toilet paper since we have nothing else. In my eyes I think that our tuition is high enough that the school can properly supply us with toilet paper, paper towels and soap. I think it is ridiculous that we have to go and buy our own soap, paper towels, and toilet paper.

Kelly Johnson

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Staff Writer

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