New NASCAR rules

By Staff Writer
March 17, 2005

I enjoy a good NASCAR race just as much as the next fan but I recently read an article concerning the drivers’ speed going into pit row. NASCAR is cracking down on pit road speeds during this season and officials are saying that it’s keeping drivers more honest. Now I understand that there are rules that drivers have to follow but during the Las Vegas race this past weekend one driver exceeded the 35 mph speed limit at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Now, I’ve never drove in a race before but I’m guessing that if you’re driving at speeds of 200 mph it has to be hard to clock down to less than 35 mph. The majority of the time, like, Kevin Harvick argued the call but the drivers are still required though to pass through pit road at the proper speed.

Now it comes down to the drivers and the crew getting of the track and getting into pit road speed. I understand that this is a concern but some drivers don’t even get busted for the pit road speeds that they clock in at. I feel that they should be more concerned with drivers who are constantly running into other drivers but they’re just my views as a fan.

Also concerns have been rising with hard liquor advertisements that were running during the Daytona 500. Some past NASCAR drivers have raised concerns that running television advertisements for hard liquor is going against the family values that the team is trying to represent.

Now, during the races they show beer and tobacco advertisements so what’s the big deal?

I understand that a lot of children watch the races but alcohol is a legal substance that can be advertised. The alcohol advertisements that I’ve seen during the races have been geared towards adults and have promoted drinking responsibility. There are sponsors on the cars out there for even Viagra, so not having hard liquor advertisements is being somewhat hypocritical. As long as these advertisements aren’t being geared towards children there’s no harm in advertising a legal substance.

Children who come with their parents during the races can see Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s car that is sponsored by Budweiser or even Dave Blaney’s car that is sponsored by Jack Daniel’s.

So with speeding regulations and alcohol advertisements, don’t worry Kasey Kahne, I’ll still be watching the races.

Posted to the web by Shawn Rice

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Staff Writer

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