New friendships form over orientation weekend

By Jessie Holeva
August 28, 2008

Megan Pellegrino

The weary woes of class, frightening dorm life and forging life-long friendships plague the freshman mind.

An undecided freshman Ali Thompson, screams while playfully fighting with her new posse. They claim to even go to the bathroom together. The term “bff” may have rolled off her tongue at one point.

Thompson is always with “the girls,” but never in her dorm. Sure, this Woodcrest girl likes her roommates but she’s rarely there despite having a big basement room.

“It’s already starting to feel like home,” Lindsay Anderson, freshman early childhood education major, said. Anderson lucked out and feels pretty comfortable in her new digs at East Residence.

The welcoming atmosphere Cabrini offers newcomers didn’t go unnoticed. She admits the transition made her nervous but living with a high school pal and the warm environment eased nerves. Not all newcomers came to college with someone they grew up with.

Take Ross Cohen, freshman business major, only knew fresh Cabrini students thanks to Facebook.

Cohen can be found in Rooymans, an all male building that holds less than 20 guys. He’s the one who’s not too pleased about a non-air conditioned place. Sure, he compared the building to a motel, but at least Cohen finds the guys in his hall hilarious.

Sean Carroll, freshman secondary education major, is having a lot of fun already. He’s in Voice of Justice living learning community and loves all the students that are a part of it.

Carroll dorms with the living learning community in Xavier, a co-ed freshman building. He’s already found his home thanks to the community.

On Casino Night, members of the group even pulled their chips in hopes of a big win. Now that’s team work.

“I was scared I had to live somewhere new, but I like it. [you] make friends fast,” Rachel Shuster, freshman biological science major, said.

Shuster moved her stuff before ever meeting her roomies. Music and being messy are common traits of Shuster and the girls.Not everything is sunshine and gumdrops.

“You don’t have privacy,” Thompson said. She’s not a fan of sharing either. “I try to do it just to be nice, but I don’t really like sharing things.”

At least the constant nagging from parents diminishes with dorm life.

College drama is bound to come into action in the weeks to come, but for the most part the new students cling to their new circle of friends.

Jessie Holeva

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