New Apple products hitting the market

By Roderick Miller
October 22, 2018


Apple logo: By Roderick Miller

Apple is currently in the process of releasing some new hot topics for the world to go crazy about.

Some of the new Apple products soon to be on the market include the iPhone XS, iPhone XR and the new Apple Watch 4.

The new Apple watch 4 has no set cost. The price fluctuates because there are many different watches you can choose from. This pricing depends on the watch style and color of your choice. A person could spend anywhere from $399- $1,500.  There is a newly added duo feature consisting of GPS and cellular.

These new watches come in a variety of colors. This is probably something Apple does in order to make all customers happy. New colors consist of: silver aluminum case with white sport band, space gray aluminum case with black sport band, gold aluminum case with pink sand sport loop and many more.

The iPhone XS is a bigger version of the iPhone X.

“I’m excited for the new phone to come out,” loyal Apple customer Eddie Mercado said. “I want it because of the increased size. I have the X now, but the drawback is how small it is.”

Apple is set to release the brand-new iPhone XR on Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2018.  New features like an “A12 bionic chip and a True Depth Camera system with Face ID and a wider stereo sound were added to this phone,” according to Apple. Apple plans to add the colors: black, blue, coral and red. The color accuracy of this phones picture is also mentioned to be spot on as an updated feature.

“Based on the new iPhone what I’m excited for is the wider screen and the new waterproof features,” customer Runako Brown said.

This new iPhone is also going to be very expensive, the price is starting at $749 according to Apple.

Outside Apple store looking in at new products advertised on wall. Photo by: Roderick Miller

“My mom will mostly likely pay for it, well probably pay a couple dollars extra to pay the lease,” Brown said.

People are loyal to this brand because of the quality service and customer service given in and out of the store. In many cases if a person has something Apple, they have multiple things Apple.

“I do have some type of brand loyalty to Apple products,” Brown said. “I have their Air pods and I have their Apple watch. I’ve been an Apple fan since I was a sophomore in college.”

Apple is going to be very busy in the next few months as these hot products fully hit the shelves in stores.


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Roderick Miller

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