Networking; A college students secret weapon

By Staff Writer
February 3, 2019

If you talk to most college students, they prioritize studying for midterms and finals. Many college students will focus on internships and potential job opportunities. However, networking never seems to cross the minds of even the most studious of individuals. When you network, you are connecting with people who could potentially launch you into your future career path.

Mark Choquette is the assistant director for the Center for Career and Professional Development. Choquette believes that networking is the most effective way for students to land jobs and internship opportunities. He also believes that human connection allows for conversation to take place, which goes deeper than reading online job applications and résumés.

“In fact, the vast majority of obtained positions are secured through an individual’s network, rather than through the typical online job search portals (Handshake and LinkedIn),” Choquette said. “Through networking, students will find that they are able to locate opportunities that speak truth to what they want to be doing.”

Networking does not have to be daunting! Here are a few important things to remember when networking, according to the Kangan Institute:

  • Make sure to extend your circle to professionals in your field of work, not just your professors. Although your professors also double as professionals, it is important to have contacts to professionals currently working in businesses.
  • Try to set up times to reach out to the professional connections you have made. It is essential to know exactly what to expect in your field, so you are prepared for a job straight out of university.
  • Referrals are a result of networking and are vital to landing the job of your dreams. As Mark Choquette says, “‘All about who you know,’ holds a lot more truth than one would think.”


The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD)

The Center for Career and Professional Development provides advising meetings and career support to undergraduates, graduates and alumni. The CCPD accredits the 92 percent of employed students after graduation to their holistic approach. The CCPD takes walk-ins every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from one o’clock until three o’clock.

CCPD Career events on campus this semester


Trent Vernon is a senior business marketing major. Vernon continues to attend the center for career development events.

“I went to an informative event last weekend and I met some important people there,” Vernon said. “Networking gets students 85 percent of jobs for business degrees, that being said meeting people is important.”


Staff Writer

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