NBC 10 films campus commercials

By Megan Pellegrino
October 4, 2007

Vickie Papageorge

Last week, Cabrini was filmed for commercials airing on NBC 10. The commercial’s message is to promote the college campus as well as celebrate its 50th anniversary.

NBC 10 was chosen to film the commercials “because of the partnership between the college and NBC 10 that was established for the 50 th anniversary celebration,” Dan DiPrinzio, Cabrini media relations manager said.

Producer Angelo Dush and his three man crew, cameraman John Johnson, technician Neil Brango and DiPrinzio made commercial visions a reality.

During the week, NBC 10 scheduled times and dates for different shoots including both faculty and students at different aesthetic locations on campus.

All students were welcome to take part in this experience. At other times, specific departments and professors were asked to be shot in exclusive segments.

Where all students were welcome to take part in the production, they were used as extras to fill the scenes as animated bustling students ready to learn and go to class.

“It was a neat experience because NBC was so technical with their equipment,” junior human resources management major Andrea Mory said.

Professors were asked to memorize lines and scripted in different scenes with students. The professors were chosen based on their representation and enthusiasm towards the students and the message of Cabrini.

“It took them awhile to set up the scene in front of Founders Hall and to get a bunch of students to be placed in the background. Then we ran through the shot about 50 times,” Dr. Jeffrey Gingerich associate professor of sociology, said.

“During my filming, I delivered my lines in various tones and with differing background activity. It is my belief that the film crew will create a fluid commercial using bits and pieces from the numerous takes,” Dr. Darryl Mace, assistant history and political science professor, said.

“I spoke about the academic commitment of the college to students and the individual care they get from our faculty. It was fun!” Dr. Melissa Terlecki, assistant psychology professor, said.

Other scenarios and scenes set up were different departments and classrooms, including the newsroom and video studio.

After all of the taping and shots are edited, there will be a total of three different commercials. Each commercial focuses on an aspect of the Cabrini education. These are campus life, academics and community service.

“I hope it will be good exposure for Cabrini. Letting people in the area know that we’re out here and doing good things will hopefully invite them to check us out,” Gingerich said.

The Cabrini vignettes will run on Sunday mornings starting Oct. 7 and continue through the spring on NBC 10.

Cabrini students are advised to watch the commercials airing in October and provide feedback to Dan DiPrinzio on what was liked or disliked.

Megan Pellegrino

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