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By Lauren Sliva
February 11, 2010

Shannon Keough

Military resumes airlift from Haiti to Florida

The U.S. military early last week has resumed airlift of severely injured Haitians to Florida hospitals. Before the suspension, the U.S military was airlifting hundreds of Haitians to the hospitals. Florida was taking in the majority of the injured and becoming overwhelmed with patients. The reasons the airlifts were halted was because more Haitians were arriving than could be handled. There is an effort to create “a world-class trauma hospital” just outside the Port-au-Prince airport.

China uses renewable resources

In the fight to make the world greener, China has started to become a world leader in using renewable resources.

China has become one of the world’s largest builders of wind turbines, competing with Germany, Denmark, Spain and the United States.

The manufacturing of the wind turbines, along with solar panels and more efficient coal power planets and nuclear generators, has benefited the economy by increasing the amount of jobs available by about 1.12 million.

By 2020 China is expected to have about eight percent of the country’s electricity generated by wind turbines.

U.S. budget deficit to increase

In 2010, an 11 percent deficit for the U.S. budget is anticipated. With the country’s deficit increasing, even with Obama’s hope for it to be stable in the next 10 years, the “world power” status is likely to change.

The United States is being funded by China, and China questions the American budget.

With the past administration creating a huge budget, Obama now deals with the deficit; getting out may depend on “whether a reform will be put in place that can rebuild a functional financial system,” Professor James K. Galbraith of the University of Texas said.

Americans arrested for trafficking

Ten Americans were imprisoned in Haiti for attemptive trafficking of 33 children to the Dominican Republic.

Primarily coming from two Baptist churches in Idaho, they claimed that the children were all orphans.

The Americans await trial with the Haitian government.

Unemployment rate drops

There was a sign of recovery when the government reported that last month the unemployment rate dropped from 10 percent to 9.7 percent. Though a small change it brings hope that the recession is beginning to end.

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Lauren Sliva

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