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By Georgiana Rushworth
February 22, 2001

Princeton University

An injunction issued against Napster last July was sent back to the district court for modification. The injunction would prevent Napster from allowing users to trade copyrighted material. Napster users can still download music, but the possibility is high that Napster will be shut down.

The CEO of Napster, Inc., Hank Barry, said, “Even if Napster file sharing is shut down while our trial is pending, we will do whatever we can to work within the limits of the injunction to continue to provide more than 5,000,000 Napster community members access to music.”

Princeton University Professor Paul Lansky, currently teaches MUS 104: “When Music is Made,” said he thinks the ruling is a mistake. “While I agree with the need to protect the principal of copyright, the suppression of Napster will only be counter-productive since this sort of sharing will continue with or without Napster.”

University of Virginia

Phi Delta Thelta fraternity is the first fraternity on Grounds to have alcohol-free housing. This is part of a nationwide trend in which fraternities are “going dry.” The University’s Phi Delta Theta chapter lost its charter last summer after refusing to adopt the national dry policy. The old Phi Delt brothers tried to continue as a fraternity after losing their charter and changed their name to Phi Delta Alpha. Phi Delta Alpha President, Rob Abendroth, said they did everything they could to compromise with nationals, but the two groups could not reach a compromise.

The original Phi Delta Theta members broke off from their national organization and felt that if you are 21 and want to drink responsibly, you should be able to do so in your own home.

Ohio University

“On the field athletes are warriors, but many people wonder if that violent mentality itself is in domestic violence and other criminal offenses,” said U-Wire researcher. Some say that athletes are born with violent aggression, while others say socialization is to blame for domestic violence.

Ohio University sociology professor Walter DeKeseredy, said, “The pathway is such that the coaches from colleges and universities, in an attempt to recruit them, invite them on campus, entertain them, wine and dine them, take them to parties where there are lots of women, and they use this as a recruiting mechanism.”

The report concluded that male college student athletes are responsible for a significantly higher percentage of sexual assaults than other males. The status acquired by a college or professional athlete is often termed the “Star Effect” and can work for and against the athletes. This feeling is sometimes intertwined in relationships.

Louisiana State University

Two student senators introduced a resolution Wednesday demanding the University improve on campus access for students with disabilities. Senator Ed Silence said that a student told him she cannot use many campus facilities. She cannot go to the bathroom, go to class, eat in the cafeteria, or participate in academic programs.

The disabled students cannot use building elevators because their wheelchairs are unable to fit through the doors. One disabled student broke her shoulder when a door slammed shut on her.

The senate referred the resolution to its committee on Students’ Rights and Welfare and will discuss it at a later meeting.

Dartmouth College

“Love affair eyed in N.H. killings,” was reported in the Boston Globe on Friday. Investigators believe the killings of Dartmouth professors Half and Suzanne Zantop were crimes of passion resulting in an adulterous love affair.

The attorney general`s press release said the Hanover Homicide Task Force has received many calls about the killings, but “they will not and cannot confirm one word of the Globe story.” Senior Assistant Attorney General Daniel Mullen told The Dartmouth Globe’s story is false. He confirmed that a love triangle is not the focus of the investigation and could not confirm other details published by the Globe.

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Georgiana Rushworth

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