My college years: wasted or fulfilled

By Mike Butler
November 16, 2000

by Mike Butler
I feel old. Why? Because I recently did my Senior Skills presentation. It was pretty much a recapping of what I’ve done in my four years here in the attempts that it will get me a job. I’ve had job interviews before, and this wasn’t really a job interview, but this was the only interview-type meeting I’ve ever been in that left me feeling a bit off-center and just not right afterwards.

It reminded me of when someone is told that they are going to die soon. After hearing the news, the dying person inevitably looks back on their accomplishments and determines whether or not they have lived a full life. Sounds a bit macabre, but then again look who’s writing this. But luckily for you, this is going to be one of my lighter columns

I looked at my Cabrini career and I’m not disappointed with it at all. I was on the improv troupe for three years and was the troupe co-captain during my last year on the troupe. I was almost in a Cabrini play in my sophomore year, but I was stricken with mono a week before the play started and couldn’t perform. I did the voice-over at the end of “Popcorn” (yes, that really was me) as well as producing “Popcorn’s” highly popular video segment featuring Herb Denenberg (he’s a legend in Philadelphia as a consumer watchdog reporter for all those who aren’t in the know). I joined the radio station and, in a short time, I got on the executive staff as Assistant Engineer. I host my own radio show, Radio Club, and I do my own production and most of my promotional work as well. And then, to top it all off, I got to be Perspectives Editor of the Loquitur with a minimum of actual journalistic experience.

So my four years here at Cabrini haven’t been wasted. When I came here to Cabrini, I had no idea what I was going to do. I had no plans or set goals other than to graduate. Now, four years later, I’ve done almost everything that the communications department has to offer. Not bad for someone who had no clue.

I’m not much for inspiring people, but if one person feels better about themselves after reading this column, well, that’s one person who feels good about themselves and that’s just peachy keen with me. And if you don’t feel good about yourself after reading this column, well, at least you got to see my new picture.

Maybe after Thanksgiving break I’ll return with some sort of humorous, clever, or angry rant about something that enrages me. As for this week, I don’t think Thanksgiving is the time to pick any fights, so enjoy the holiday in peace, my children.

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Mike Butler

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