‘Best fit’ for your jeans impresses shoppers

By Kelly Hannan
November 1, 2010

Do you have an array of clothes in your closet that vary in several different sizes?  Do you dread dressing room sessions trying on clothes that don’t fit right?  Well, believe it or not, there is a machine that helps women find out their best-jean size.

MyBestFit is a free body scanning booth that makes it easy to find clothes that fit and look good.

There are three easy steps to your best fitting style: scan, fit and shop.  It is that simple.

“I found MyBestFit to be pretty accurate,” Katie Engell, senior communication major, said. “It scanned my exact jean size I wear now.  I even went to one of the stores listed on my personal shopping guide and tried on a pair of jeans suggested for my body type and loved the fit.  I would recommend MyBestFit.”

First you get scanned and measured in about 10 seconds while fully clothed.  Then a list prints out of recommended styles that will fit and complement your unique body.  Last but not least you go shopping.

Your personal MyBestFit shopping guide will direct you to stores such as Gap, Paige, Old Navy, Silver Jeans Co, Lane Bryant and DKNY Jeans. Many more brands are being added everyday. They have teamed up with MyBestFit to provide the best styles and fit in their stores.

“MyBestFit is without a doubt an interesting invention, but there are some things they need to tweak, such as matching the appropriate size to the person trying to get their results and getting more stores to participate in MyBestFit,” Meghan Murphy, senior marketing major, said.  “My roommate and I were shocked in the results and they did not match me at all but once they fix a few things, this could be the next new thing out there.”

A great plus of MyBestFit is if you purchase an item from your personal shopping guide and bring back your receipt to the booth, the company will give you a $5 gift card to Starbucks. MyBestFit is located in the plaza-upper floor of the King of Prussia Mall. It is the first booth to open in the country and there are plans of opening several more by Thanksgiving in the King of Prussia Mall.

All customers must be 16 years of age for MyBestFit booth to work.

Their Style Solution Software determines complementary features such as leg shape, pocket placement and design, rise, cut and the intended fit for your body.

As of now MyBestFit only fits women for jeans but coming soon there will be a men’s jean line along with brands and stores men can shop from.

They will also expand to shirts for men and women.

“I felt my results were very inaccurate.  I normally wear a size zero or a two and MyBestFit shopping guide ranged from sizes eight to 10,” Rachel Wenzel, senior marketing major, said.  “At that point I am more likely to go try on pants in all of the stores they suggest, so I can find out for my self what size and style would work best for me.”

Unfortunately, there are some glitches in the system. For instance, plus-size women do not receive their accurate sizes as well as those who like their clothes to be tight.  MyBestFit sizes each individual for a comfortable fit.

Get ready for a new way to shop for clothes.

MyBestFit.com also has all of their brands available along with access to your personal shopping guide.  All you need is the code  received from the booth at the time of your fitting.

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Kelly Hannan

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