Life and times of a pageant contestant

By Melissa Webb
November 11, 2010

My previous years at Cabrini College I heard and saw flyers about the Mr. and Miss Cabrini pageant. I was never able to attend due to responsibilities that occurred the same night as the event.

I always loved watching pageants on television but I never competed in one and I knew that I wanted to be a contestant before I graduate in 2012.

This year I was nominated by the Black Student Union and of course I took the offer to compete. Immediately I became ecstatic and knew that I had to start preparing for the show.

My main focus of joining was not winning, but of course I thought about how awesome it would be to win the title. It reminded me of the feeling and experience I gained when I won prom queen back in high school.

I joined to have fun. I believe that it is great to participate in anything and everything that holds my interest, and sometimes a person should even make an exception and be opened to new things.

I had a very hard time thinking of a talent because I cannot dance and I cannot sing. Then it hit me; when I was younger I constantly had to add some type of design to my clothing, so I decided that I would create my own outfit from scratch and model it.

I made a skirt the day before the show, which only took me a couple hours to make, but a sewing machine was not involved. My skirt was handmade and my scarf as well, which the scarf was added to my outfit for flavor. I used a shirt I already had in my wardrobe but added letters to the back of it that said, “I always do something extraordinary.” This statement was referring to the well known slogan at Cabrini, “Do something extraordinary.”

The day of the show arrived and I was ready, well at least I thought I was. The routine that Gregory Robinson, a freshman helped me with, I could hardly remember. I got up on the stage and did absolutely nothing I was supposed to. It was actually funny to me, that I froze in front of people I see almost every day. I even hesitated when it came to answering questions for the interview part.

I enjoyed watching the creativity involved with many laughs and applause. The hosts were great and we even enjoyed a mini concert from impersonators of Nicki Minaj and Trey Songz. The audience seemed to have had a good time as well.

I have one year left at Cabrini; if I were nominated again, of course I wouldn’t turn it down. Throughout the experience I met new people and learned something new about myself.

With that being said, I’d like to congratulate the winners. As they were crowned, none of the contestants including myself seemed to be bitter, even though I believe we all would have loved to been the ones to be crowned.

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Melissa Webb

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