A must not see movie, “Nebraska”

By Anthony Hypolite
January 21, 2014

Nebraska Poster
Nebraska Poster

After watching Nebraska everything, that I thought about the movie before I started watching it is the same exact way that I felt when I was done watching the movie.

When I go to the movies I like to watch a movie that keeps me on the edge of my seat. The main character of this movie was an old man so you know that there wasn’t much action involved in the movie. Second of all the title of it is called Nebraska, therefore not so much of an engaging title. During the time I was in the movie the best part was the text that I got from my friends. I would of honestly enjoyed this movie if was 50+ years old.

The movie was in black and white! Most likely because it matched the theme of dullness relevant to the plot of the story. I was going to movie hop, but my mom really wanted me to go with her to watch it. I will never know what attracted my mom to watching this movie. The main character of the movie was Bruce Dern, 77 year old actor from Chicago Illinois. The movie centered around a 77 year old man and his son taking a trip from Montana to Nebraska to claim a mega-million dollar prize.

The old man looked kind of scary to me like he had a mental problem, either that or he was always in pain. I felt he would of been better to be in a scary movie because of the way he was acting throughout the movie.

I no longer respect the Rotten Tomatoes website, a popular website that reviews movies, for giving this incredibly boring movie a 91 percent I highly recommend not seeing this movie if you looking for something actually interesting.

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Anthony Hypolite

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