And Mr and Miss Cabrini is…

By Amanda Toth
November 29, 2011

Contestants for the 2011 Cabrini Pageant

The winners Lauren Bariglio, senior elementary and special education major, and  Matt Stewart, senior communication major, were crowned as the 2011 Mr. and Miss Cabrini.

The annual Cabrini pageant was held on Wednesday, Nov. 16 from 8-10 p.m. in Grace Hall. This event was just one of the many events that were held during Cabrini’s Spirit Week.  Grace Hall was packed with students, faculty, friends and family to support the contestants.

Sports teams, faculty and other organizations and clubs on campus nominated students for their outstanding services and involvement on campus and in the community.

To start things off, guest host and  singing comedian, Brian O’Sullivan, sang one of his popular comedy parody songs that introduces himself. O’Sullivan got the audience involved right away with his introduction song and then got started with the first category.

Cabrini Spirit, Simon Says, talent and questions were the categories of this year’s Cabrini pageant.

During this category, which was the Cabrini Spirit category, students showed their school pride wearing Cabrini apparel and the school colors.

Contestants then took the stage again for the entertaining category of Simon Says.  One by one the contestants were exiting the stage as they lost and in the end the winner, and Simon Says champion, was Stewart.

Next the talent portion of the competition began. First up was sophomore education major Alyssa Grenyer, who sang and danced to a mix of ‘90s songs.

Dancing and singing with backup singers/dancers was a reoccurring theme throughout the talent portion.  Sophomore political science and business major Gregory Robinson danced to a mix of songs with the help of two back up dancers.  Bariglio and senior accounting major Nick Casey, teamed up for their talent and also had help from their friends on the dance team. Stewart sang a touching song that ended with the crowd cheering enthusiastically for him. At this point in the competiton, names were announced of those who did not win.

For the remaining contestants, the question portion was next.  Each contestant was asked two questions. One was on their knowledge of Cabrini and the other was a personal question such as “If you could go back in time and have dinner with one person who would it be and why?”

Once each contestant answered his or her questions, they all exited the stage and waited for the points to be counted.  After a couple more songs by O’Sullivan, the contestants took the stage again and the winners were announced.  Last year’s winners Phil Haggerty and Danielle Alio came onto stage to turn over their crowns and congratulate the new winners Stewart and Bariglio.

“I was extremely surprised,”  Bariglio said about winning the pageant. “When my name was announced as Miss Cabrini 2011, my body was shaking and I began to tear up. It came as an utter surprise.”  Concerned about other contestants’ talents compared to her own prior to the competition, Bariglio almost withdrew from the contest.  “I thought for sure I did not have a chance,” said Bariglio.

“When my name was announced as the winner, I was completely shocked,” Stewart said. “I couldn’t believe that I was nominated, let alone that I won Mr. Cabrini. I’m very blessed.”

Since the pageant he has “been enjoying all the newfound attention” that he has been receiving.

Winner Matt Stewart performed a touching song

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Amanda Toth

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