Movie theater offers more than entertainment, but an escape

By Renee DiPietro
October 25, 2001

I was unaware how beneficial a trip to the movie theater was until the lights dimmed and the previews for other movies began.

I felt at home. I love going to the movies. One of the only reasons I look forward to winter is because I get to go to the movies more often, yet this time was different.

As I sat in the dark theater a sweet sense of peace came over me. I was never aware of how stressed I was until it vanished. I looked at my mom and I know she felt it too.

There was no news anchor to break in and report the latest scare, no American flags hanging up everywhere to remind us of the tragedy and even the everyday thorns of life were left outside the theater’s doors, banned from entering.

The movies offered a lot more than entertainment this weekend. They offered an escape that I needed.

I could not find this escape at home, school, church, in my car, the bar or anywhere else.

I am not one who wants to run away from reality and close my eyes and pretend that everything is magically better, but spending two hours watching Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton rob banks was the foundation I unexpectedly needed for an enjoyable weekend.

When I sat down in my seat I did not know that I was escaping my unconscious stress and fears. Actually, I looked at my parents and then at the tall woman ready to sit down in front of me. She laughed when she saw me gawk up at her. She said to her friend loud enough for me something about how I looked traumatized to see such a tall woman. She laughed. I laughed along with her, not really aware why we were laughing, but this is how it all began- the best decision of my weekend.

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Renee DiPietro

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