Mixed views of Midnight Madness

By Kenneth Baumbach
November 1, 2001

Justine DiFilippo

Cabrini held its annual Midnight Madness last Friday, Oct. 25, in the Dixon Center. Midnight Madness is a night for all Cabrini students to come out and participate in events and games and share in Cavalier pride. The night was filled with many different activities and events to keep students entertained. There was music, food and free gifts being given out, which included everything from a foam Cavalier finger to merchandise from 89.1 The Burn, the campus radio station.

Events during Midnight Madness this year were varied enough that no matter what one’s interests were, they would be able to find something to do. There was a 5-on-5-basketball tournament between the faculty and students, which resulted in the students winning 21 to 18. A slam-dunk contest was held, although most contestants only made it to the rim by jumping off sophomore Karl Heiss’s back. There also was a three-point shoot out contest and three- on- three basketball tournament in which the losers of the tournament were forced to sing karaoke in front of everyone in attendance.

The dance troupe put on an exciting performance and the basketball team for the 2001-2002 season was announced with great enthusiasm. Even though the attendance for the event was high and the night was an overall success, many students had mixed feelings about the night.

“Last year’s Midnight Madness, in my opinion, was better. I thought there was too much time in between each event. It should have moved a little quicker. However, the dance team did an excellent job and the basketball team looked impressive,” sophomore Karl Heiss said.

Many others felt the same way. “The events should have started a little later in the night. Overall the events were fun; however, it seemed like in the beginning of the night everything just dragged out slowly. People didn’t start showing up until 10 or 10:30 at night anyway,” sophomore Melissa Ralcci said.

The night was well received by students. “I had a blast. The whole night was really fun and everyone who attended seemed to enjoy themselves,” sophomore Liz Graham said.

Another Midnight Madness here at Cabrini went off without a hitch. Overall the night was a success and Cavalier pride seemed to be at an all time high.

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Kenneth Baumbach

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