Stay Informed about the Republican Primaries

By Jessica Johnson-Petty
February 6, 2012


Mitt Romney

Romney is a moderate Republican with a strong business background. Before entering politics, he made billions with various enterprises. Due to his background, Romney is staunchly Pro-business and plans to steer the country as a CEO would a corporation.

Believes the economy can be helped by focusing on free markets, free enterprise and by encouraging innovation

Plans to address the national budget deficit by both cutting taxes to stimulate the economy and by cutting spending to reduce debt owed

Favors an overhaul of the education system, citing poor test scores

Has called for the elimination of the Department of Education and reducing the role of national reforms in schools. Prefers involvement of teachers with parents and the community

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum is the Dark Horse of the current Republican candidates. The former Pennsylvania Senator earned support from the grassroots Republicans for his strong conservative stances on social issues from abortion rights to anti-gay agenda and strong “pro-family” ties.

Argues that the institutions of higher learning would receive no funding if they taught Judeo-Christain principles

Proposed a turn toward the customization of education

Against same-sex marriage and adoption for same-sex couples

Strong supporter of President Bush U.S.-Mexico border fence initiative.

Proposes tax reforms that decrease rates that in turn closes loopholes and bring back the Reagan top era

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich is arguably the most politically experienced on the “big stage” of the Republican Candidates. He is credited by many with helping to revive the right-wing conservative base in the early 1990’s. He is social and fiscal conservative with a propensity to think big and outside of the box when it comes to political ideas.

Opposes the Dream Act but advocates military service as a possible path to citizenship.

Believes abortion should not be legal and people should look to adoption instead.

Aims to balance the governments budget within five years of being in office by creating  economic conditions that would create jobs and decrese unemployment.

Supports charter schools  and believes high school girls who graduated as virgins should be incentivized.


Ron Paul

Ron Paul is a Libertarian who favors a very small federal government with little influence and intervention into state and individual rights.

Believes strongly in the power of unfettered free markets with as little government intervention and regulation as possible

Advocates deep cuts to all areas of federal spending to reduce the deficit and balance the budget

Believes the legislation of marijuana should be up to individual states

Believes the government should cut the spending, not raise taxes, to decrease the deficit.

Cut the spending overseas, not healthcare

Enforce border security, end birthright citizenship

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Jessica Johnson-Petty

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