MiCoach: personal trainer to the masses

By Britany Wright
April 3, 2008


So far cell phones can play music, surf the web, send instant messages and allow people to talk trans-continentally.

What else can cell phones possibly do?

According to recent reports, cell phones are now able to be our own personal trainers that will follow us around the gym wherever we go. Be it the locker room, treadmill or even the steam room.

The two main companies working on this new product are Adidas and Samsung who have collaborated on this new innovative project together.

Mobile phones can now monitor heart rates, sense the size of every stride, have an MP3 music player and also, an electronic voice that signifies a personal coach that inspires the person working out to keep going.

So now when working out, they will hear a voice demanding the perfect workout.

Technologically speaking, the process of having a heart rate monitor is difficult.

By collaborating with Adidas, Samsung has figured out a way to perfect their newest ambition.

The brand of shoes that teamed up with mobile phones is called, MiCoach.

The costly product will be premiering in Europe this month.

Its price ranges from $304 to $608 in Europe, according to the pricing plan that is set up due to the customer’s want for usage of their cell phones.

Meanwhile, the product will not be released in the United States until 2009.

Thus far, pricing plans for MiCoach have not been deliberated for the United States.

It is a personal coach in the sense that it monitors heart rates and ensures that exercisers are not in danger of overexerting themselves.

The device allows users to program it to set limitations while they are working out that real life personal trainers know in order to keep the excerciser healthy and not overexerted.

The three main goals that are set are distance, fitness and how many calories are burned.

MiCoach is a response to similar devices used during workouts.

Nike Inc. and Apple Inc. have collaborated on a project recently as well.

Nike Inc. has embedded sensors in running shoes that communicate with iPod Nanos.

Continuously advancing this week, gym equipment is being updated allowing iPods being plugged in to machines, so that exercisers will not have to charge their iPods frequently.

The convenience of the new device allows consumers to use one product to work out, listen to music, take pictures, send messages and talk on the phone to friends, family and co-workers.

Adidas is planning clothing and equipment that will allow users to attach the product so that they will not have to worry about damaging the product in the midst of a workout, especially during a marathon.

Sensors can be easily-attached to any shoe.

Britany Wright

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