Men’s soccer wins last home game 4-0

By Cheryl Wagstaff
October 25, 2001

James Mcguire

Cabrini’s men’s soccer game against Gwynedd-Mercy College Oct. 16 was an important one. Not only was it their last home game, but also it may have been the last time for two of their players, Roy Bowman and Michael Braun, who are graduating seniors, get the chance to play at home.

The 4-0 win was bittersweet, but it was very important in getting home field advantage for the semifinals. They needed to win this game to clinch second place in the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference. If Cabrini wins their next PAC game, at Marywood University, they will secure home field advantage.

The first goal of the game was scored in the 11th minute by Cabrini midfielder Chris Roach.

There was a scare in the 28th minute of the first half, when there was a delay of game. Cabrini’s Lincoln Strehle was temporarily taken out of the game due to injury.

At the end of the first half the score was 1-0 in favor of Cabrini.

The Cavaliers did not waste any time in the second half. Four minutes into the half Nicholas Fenton scored to make the lead 2-0.

After the second goal Gwynedd-Mercy’s team and coaching staff started to get frustrated. Seven minutes into the second half Gwynedd-Mercy’s coach, Marty Stanton, was given a yellow card. He was unhappy about the calls that the referees were making. The frustration continued throughout the rest of the half. Gwynedd-Mercy’s players received two yellow cards.

Cabrini went on to score two more goals, one by Michael Braun and the other by Roy Bowman. They won the game in a 4-0 shut out.

The reason that the game was a shut out was not that Gwynedd-Mercy did not get any shots on goal, it was because Cabrini’s goalie Sean Atwell made exceptional saves.

Sean Atwell was not even on the team in the beginning of the season. He came to the team after junior James Beck broke his arm. The team was lacking an experienced goalie and asked Beck to return to the lineup. When asked about the importance of having Beck in the line up junior Phil Catagnus said, “We’re glad he came back. We really needed him.”

When asked about how they played the game the team said that overall they played a “decent” game. The main area that they want to focus on for the next game is their corner kicks, defense and finishing their opportunities.

When asked about their reaction to Gwynedd-Mercy’s team, there was a smirk on everyone’s face when Jay Catagnus imitated head coach Doug Meder by saying, “The defenders were on us like bees, but we got a “W” out of the game. Now we are starting to climb up the mountain.”

The highlight of the game was Roy Bowman scoring the fourth and final goal. Phil Catagnus said, “It was the highlight of the game, because he is not a starter, and it could have been his last home game.”

The men’s soccer team is hoping that they will get home field advantage in the semifinals, but first they must beat Marywood University on Oct. 20th at 2 p.m

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Cheryl Wagstaff

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