Goals for productive summer

By Felicia Melvin
April 24, 2010

Finishing up my sophomore year, I could not be more excited for this upcoming summer. Although I have worked hard in the classroom and out, I know it is important to have summer goals.

As a communication major, the first goal I made for this summer is to gain hands-on experience through an internship. As college students looking forward to going into the workforce, it is important not to forget about making goals during the summer.

Some advice I would give myself this summer would be to stay focused on having fun, but don’t forget about school and everything that internships, summer jobs and activities have to offer for the future.

It’s not too late to start applying for internships, talk to your advisers, professors or any mentors you may have that can put you in the right direction towards becoming an intern. If that doesn’t work, simply go online and apply everywhere you can. Make sure you Google how to write cover letters and resumes.

In addition, it is a good idea to get any references you can before the semester ends.  Also talk to any relatives or close friends of the family. You never know who could give you great advice or connections to different internship opportunities.

Another goal that is key for a productive summer would be to have a summer job. Although a job can cramp your summer time style, it will pay off in the end.

Having a summer job can be a pain, but if you work hard and make money, the possibilities are endless. You could save for your next semester, buy items you really need or purchase a car. They also keep you busy and active during your summer break. You never know what having a summer job could offer you. Who knows, you may get a job with your future career employer.

Lastly, becoming involved in activities will make your summer enjoyable and productive. Becoming involved in different activities whether they are sports, service, opportunities camping, going to museums or traveling will definitely offer you many memorable summer moments.  Staying energetic and playing sports will help prepare you for upcoming games in your next semester and is great for just plain fun.

Service opportunities are great for your community and help make a different in your neighborhood. In addition, service opportunities are also great to put on your resume. Getting involved with art and museums are two enjoyable and entertaining ways to pass time, while learning new things. Traveling is the best part of summer. Planning trips with family and friends are great ways to have fun and explore different environments and people.

Having summer goals will leave you with great fun, memories and moments to last a lifetime. Keep school in my mind and have a great time this summer with family and friends.

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Felicia Melvin

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