Meal exchange not adding up

By Matt Donato
October 21, 2005

Chances are if you were a first timer here at Cabrini College you would find the Jazzman’s Cafe to be a nice place to eat. The place just radiates with this indescribable aura.

When you walk in you are comforted with their own hand picked selection of smooth jazz and these beautiful pictures on the wall that tantilze your imagination. And there is always an enjoyable fragrance coming from the soup section. They always have a plethora of soups awaiting your taste buds.

Yes, Jazzman’s Cafe is a nice place to eat a meal, but it is not the best place to purchase that meal.

The prices are just too high, and it’s not like our school helps us out at all. They give us a $4 meal exchange limit and of course the average salad and sandwich at Jazzman’s is higher than that. The most expensive sandwich and salad at Jazzman’s is $5.39. That is a $1.39 coming out of your flex dollars just so that you can be handed your dinner. I for one would rather go to the cafeteria. Oh wait; the cafeteria is closed after my two-and-a-half-hour class on Wednesday, I almost forgot. So the only choice I have to get a decent, that term is used lightly, meal around here is by going to Jazzman’s and wasting my already meager $50 flex that we are granted at the beginning of the year. I have $14.36 left on my card, what about you?

Oh yea, at breakfast you only get $2.40.

“We need to get more money for meal exchange. In middle school, my parents were giving me five dollars for lunch,” Erik Parrillo, a junior marketing major, said.

If the meal exhange money fiasco wasn’t enough, doesn’t it piss you off that you can’t even get meal exchange all throughout the day. I think that it’s preposterous that you have to wait until a certain hour to receive meal exchange. I know of a few schools where they offer food from 6-12.

“When I get out of class on at 4:30 p.m., I don’t have enough time to get a bite to eat at Jazzman’s before my 7:10 p.m. because it is so populated,” Dave Damiano, a junior English and communications major, said.

So even though Jazzman’s prices and hours are bad, don’t forget the nice atmosphere. So go to Wendy’s, buy yourself a meal and bring it over to Jazzman’s Cafe.

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Matt Donato

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