Maybe he is ‘into you’

By Jessie Holeva
February 5, 2009

Shannon Keough

Since the dawn of time, both females as well as males have spent countless hours, days and years obsessing over the opposite sex. Magazines like Cosmo make bank by publishing pieces on how to get a guy, what their body language means and even what a guy’s sentence means in girl language.

Maybe the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You” is that tough love we all need. Maybe when that potential partner you’ve been shacking up with becomes aloof, it’s not just for the whole playing hard to get ploy. And maybe we should stop forcing things to mean something that they just don’t mean.

Deal with it and stop telling yourself he or she wants you just to ease your own mind.If he flirts with your friend, odds are that’s not just to get to know more about you.

Men really are from Mars and women from Venus. We females like to think that guys act a certain way, such as not calling the day after an all night deep conversation just to play around, to keep us interested.

While men may just not call cause frankly, they could care less.

It’s a pretty big pill to swallow, but it would save the human race a lot of embarrassment to learn this lesson, and fast.

Then maybe you wouldn’t be in that not-so-sexy situation of waiting around for him to meet you at a party. This scenario results in waiting around with a well-groomed bod and no one to share it with.

Don’t fret too much. Listen up ladies, I’ve recently learned something pretty monumental and you’ll be flabbergasted too. Turns out guys, not all but most, are not looking for anymore friends.

Why is that important? Duh, if a dude is talking to you he’s got some ulterior motives. I’m not saying he’s only out to get some, but it’s unlikely that he’s going out of his way to chat it up throughout your whole seminar class just “to be nice.”

So maybe Alex or Evan from Wednesday night at Brownies accepted your friend request via Facebook but didn’t message back to your witty comment regarding something about the other night.

That’s just how it goes. Maybe those guys aren’t digging it. Odds are there are others in your life that you walk right by, that you text inside jokes to or that always message you what parties they’ll be at.

These guys or gals just might be really into you.

You’re wasting time being too wrapped up with those jerks. Those good looking jerks say they’ll call and don’t. They say they feel so attached yet later share some intimacy with someone that’s way too fake tan and obviosuly not you.

Stop reading between the lines. Instead of using common sense, we try to mold things to mean what we want and desire.

Hey, maybe that somene special really does only get with him or her to make your lust grow. I can’t say. I still read those pieces mags write decoding dudes.

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Jessie Holeva

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