Masucci on her way to the ‘real world’

By Catherine Dilworth
December 6, 2001

Justine DiFilippo

Stephanie Masucci is a senior about to end her career as a Cabrini College student and begin her career in that big place we call the real world. Masucci is on the field hockey team and has been since she was a freshman at Cabrini.

Field hockey has very much been a big part of Masucci’s life. She grew an interested in field hockey from watching the movie “Freaky Friday.” She said the girl in this movie played field hockey and thought it looked like fun. Then a soccer player, Masucci decided to change sports and tried out for the field hockey team as a freshman in high school. This began Masucci’s eight-year journey as a field hockey player.

Masucci plays the position of left half back. Masucci said that her best years of field hockey were played here at Cabrini. “For four years I have had the same group of friends. Seven girls who never lost their friendship or teamwork feelings for one another and never was broken up by cliques,” Masucci said. The field hockey coach at Cabrini also has had a big impact on Masucci. “Having the same coach for fours year allows you to know how to push yourself and everything is consistent. To have that rapport with a coach makes for a better team, more motivation and rapport.” Masucci said she would miss this senior class the most. “We stayed away from the corny fights and had a bond on and off the playing field.”

The team would say a prayer before each game. This was one thing that touched Masucci and brought togetherness to the team. The field hockey team also had motivational poems that would get the girls ready to play.

“Playing field hockey is my favorite thing to do.” Masucci would be on the field and know that there were cheers from the crowd but could not hear a thing. The only thing she would allow her self to hear within her concentration was her coach’s voice. “To me field hockey is not just a sport it is a life experience. There are so many life lessons that can be obtained from playing a sport. It just depends on if you’re willing to learn them or not. It is not just about playing the game, it is about getting all the game has to give.”

Masucci learned how to manage time and about teamwork and feels that field hockey not only made her a better student but a better person.

“I would like to thank my #1 Mom. Thank you, Mom ,for never missing a game and always cheering the loudest.”

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Catherine Dilworth

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