Campus cuddle: distant love or flying solo?

By Jennifer Cannon
September 26, 2012

Relationships in college just add one more thing to juggle in your schedule but many students think it’s worth the challenge.

“Seeing each other often is the best part of being together and going to the same school,” Brittney Sims said. Sims and her boyfriend, AJ Williams, are both juniors who attend Cabrini college.

“We met at Cabrini freshman year through mutual friends,” Williams said. They have been inseparable ever since.

The loyal couple tries to do the little things together like watching movies, eating in the caf together, studying and even working out at the gym together.

“Because we go to a small school it is easy for people to get into your business,” Sims said. “But if you try your best to keep things between you and your partner private, things work out.”

Veronica Smith, sophomore biotechnology major, is one of many whose significant other does not attend Cabrini.

“It’s hard being apart if you’re both really busy because talking every day is really important to us,” smith said. “The days when it’s hardest to find time to talk are usually when I need to talk to him the most.”

Her boyfriend of over four years, Brad Bauscher, lives about 30 minutes away in Reading, Pa.

“We make an effort to see each other every two weeks,”smith said. “sometimes he visits here and sometimes I go home.”

But their relationship has not struggled as a result of being apart during the school year.

“I’m really happy with the way things are, I’d love to stay with him through college and see where it goes from there,” smith said.

All the lovebirds on campus do not affect junior political science major Greg Robinson, who does not currently have a significant other.

“I encourage young love,” Robinson said. “Some of my best friends are couples and it doesn’t bother me to hang out with them together. I want to go to their weddings!”

“Being single on campus gives you a lot more freedom,” Robinson says. “It leaves you with more alone time, which can be both good and bad. I don’t have to worry about someone else’s drama.”

Robinson loves the single life and is waiting for the right someone.

“Hooking up outside of a relationship is unsatisfying because there’s no passion,” Robinson said. “I love having my bed to myself!”

Smith and Bauscher plan to continue their relationship throughout college and after graduation.

“We live together during the summer, so we already know how that works,” Smith said. Their five-year anniversary this Valentine’s day will be one of many milestones for the couple.

Williams and sims plan to stay together after they graduate and take it one day at a time.

“Hopefully we continue to stay together and be close no matter where our careers take us after college,” Sims said.

Both young couples give hope to a trend of short-lived relationships common in college.

Whether or not you attend the same school, if both parties are willing to make it work, it can last.

“If you’re going to start something you should dedicate yourself to that relationship and take it seriously,” Williams said. “otherwise, why waste your time?”


Same school couples

-Keeping your relationship private (esp. with a small school)
– Influences from outsiders on your relationship

– Seeing each other on a daily basis
– Easier to make time for one another even with busy schedules
– More chances for support (attending each others sporting events or other important events)

Separate school couples

– Not seeing each other often
– Trying to find time to talk to one another between classes and school work
–  More risk from temptation

– Gives couples space
– A chance to build trust and stronger bond

Spreading wings solo

-No one to constantly spend time with
-No one to cuddle with

-Not being tied down
-More time to spend with friends
– No worries of cheating or being cheated on

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Jennifer Cannon

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