Madden is here

By Jason Radka
September 15, 2006

John Madden’s ten year career in coaching resulted in 103 wins and a super bowl victory with the Raiders in Super Bowl 11. Since then, he has been awarded13 outstanding sports personality and analyst Emmy awards; and, he is in season 23 of his current job as a national football league analyst.

What the hell do video gamers care about John Madden’s history? None whatsoever. However, all is different until somebody mentions John Madden’s name in short. Nobody really cares about John Madden, though, the craze is over just ‘Madden.’

Brought to video gamers all across the world for the 17 time, Electronic Artists sports brings Madden NFL 2007 to the market. EA sports once again has topped all of their past renditions of Madden with new features that nearly top the hit stick option.

Matt Burge, senior political science and philosophy double major is in his second year of Madden gaming.

“I like some parts of the new Madden better. I can kick the ball better than I could in 2006,” Burge said. In Madden 2007, the kicking option relies simply on pulling back the analog sticks and pushing forward to intensity, as compared to 2006 where pressure sensitive buttons and timing needed to be next to perfect to land a solid kick.

Burge also said, “The lead blocker option is really cool although is hard to get the running back to follow your lead.” In addition to the new options in 2007, there is an option for the computer to take control of the running back and follow the users lead fullback which adds for a cool new dimension to the game. These options are impressive to the old school Madden players.

For a new Madden game, there are simple things that are noticed and maybe overlooked by veteran gamers.

“It’s ridiculous how realistic the game play looks,” Charles Grugan, senior graphic design major said. “However, I hate how terrible the commentary is, but it’s still funny because it’s Madden,” Grugan mentioned.

How does Madden stack up to its competitors? NFL Street, ESPN football and 989 sports are companies that put out football games similar to Madden. Burge stated, “ESPN is the better buy for the price being only 30 dollars as compared to Madden at or around 50. But since EA sports has such a history and name over the other industry supplies, Madden takes the cake.”

It is true, Madden is the greatest sports emulation game ever. If you ask me, I don’t see any other gaming company coming even close to denting the EA sports reign over sports gaming.

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Jason Radka

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