Lower legal age to be president; America needs youthful talents

By Kasey Minnick
November 17, 2006

If we look back in history, there has not been one man who ran out the door the day he turned 35 years old to put his nomination in for presidency; that is just idiotic.

But, just because the presidents of the United States usually eat, breathe and sleep politics doesn’t mean that they are the best for office either.

Maybe if the age requirement for running for this title was changed, we could bring some other individuals “out of the woodwork” that could bring something new to the White House.

Imagine that the requirement of being 35 years old to run for president was taken out of the Constitution. I think this will get some people thinking, “Well, this actually gives me more of a reason to start a career in politics earlier than later.”

Even though I was not alive to see him in office, I believe the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy, had one of the best careers. And what is special about him is that he was the YOUNGEST man to be inaugurated into the White House, being only 43 years old. Sadly, he was in the highest position for only two years.

Based on all of his accomplishments, imagine what he could have done if this great, intelligent man was not assassinated.

Even more, imagine what this man could have done if the age requirement did not hold him back from campaigning earlier.

People can argue that if this condition was taken away, the United States could see some young, inexperienced, stupid people in office.

Well, I hate to break it to the American people, but there were not always “winners” in the commander seat to begin with.

And maybe someone interested in running for a position like this decides not to go college. That is probably a “no, no” in your book, but not in mine.

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are prime examples. These two men have been voted the nation’s best presidents by historians. And what do these men have in common? They never attended college, as well as five other presidents.

So, are you going to tell me that they are not two of the smartest people in history? No, don’t think so.

I truly believe if the age stipulation is taken away, we may see some new faces that we won’t mind watching for two terms in the “big house.”

Hey, I may even contemplate where I am going to go with my life.

I think the United States needs a woman in charge and needs to take a break from the testosterone for a while.

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Kasey Minnick

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