Living with a stranger: Not this girl

By Danielle Feole
August 28, 2008

The horror stories of living with a new roommate have never been something I’ve had to face.

I came to Cabrini as a freshman and lived in Woodcrest with someone I had known since the sixth grade. We always talked, but were never inseparable. Now we are best friends!

I’ve heard the craziest stories about living with a complete stranger. There is the girl who steals everything she can get her hands on or the guy who thinks his roommate’s laundry basket is a toilet. Then, you have the roommate that goes to bed way earlier than you and has a totally different group of friends on campus.

I never had to worry about my clothes being stolen or turning a light on past 11 p.m.

Coming to Cabrini with a friend just worked for me and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

A lot of people think that living with a friend your first year doesn’t allow you to meet new people or experience college situations on your own. I completely disagree. My roommate Lauren and I met fabulous friends and have two completely different majors. We never step in each other’s way.

I’m one of those people that isn’t a huge fan of change. I feel that coming to school with Lauren has always given me a piece of home and has given me a friendship that I’ll have for the rest of my life.

I don’t always recommend coming to college with a friend. I’ve had friends in high school that always wanted to be the boss of things or were too outspoken and I could never live with them!

I think since Lauren and I weren’t best friends and came to school together, it made us closer instead of pushing us further apart.

I could never live with someone that I don’t know. Living with someone you don’t get along with can destroy your first impression of college. But, I give a lot of respect to the students who survive the terrors of a horrible first roommate.

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Danielle Feole

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