Life In Color: Day Glow Concert

By Lia Ferrante
September 23, 2012

Wish your life could be in color for one night? That can happen with going to one concert, for one exhilarating night that no one will ever forget. The concert contains constant loud music, thousands of people surrounding you, and paint flying in the air. Anyone can experience that one by attending the concert, Day Glow: Life In Color.

There are always thousands of people who attend every show in different cities around the country. Looking out into the crowd, it’s hard not to get excited for the paint to start flying and wanting to be covered in different colors of paint. Looking into the sea of white clothes surrounding the concert stage, the four different DJs are ready to come out and get the party started.

Everyone at the concert is constantly having fun by jumping up and down, dancing to the beat of the music, and meeting new people from different places. During the show, the music never stops playing in a loud, tough beat and people never stop dancing. The show lasts six hours and it feels as if it lasts one. The atmosphere is like nothing that anyone has experience before. During the show, there is a countdown on the concert stage that has a countdown to when the paint will be blasted. Those minutes go down very slowly with major anticipation. When the paint finally blasts, the feeling is incredible.

The different colors soak up the clothes that everyone is wearing. Instead of seeing just white clothes, now the crowd is covered in different colors. The concert stage is surrounded by dancers who lite up and acrobats. If you ever wanted to have your life in color for just one night, make sure next year you buy your ticket and attend the concert: Day Glow.

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Lia Ferrante

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