The need for football, a way to bring the community together

By Kevin McLaughlin
April 7, 2020

College gameday for football is made primarily for students to get excited for their school football team. High school football was an event every student could look forward to on a chilly and windy Friday night after school. Where is that same energetic feeling here?

Being able to afford a Division III football program would cost a lot of money and would be a major gamble for the university. However, where there is no gamble, there can be an intramural league that is strictly ran by the students. In doing so, creating this type of opportunity becomes a potentially brilliant idea that would draw much of the campus population’s attention.

If games were played on weeknights after class to benefit everyone’s schedule, there becomes little to no room to not participate in this. Creating a team of five with colleagues and students you’d like to get to know better, it would be highly encouraged. Playing until a team scores 56 points which, is  the equivalent of eight touchdowns would be ideal for the Cabrini league.

Building and maintaining strong relationships with people would be the ultimate goal to get out of playing this game. While there are some that might have intense passion during the game, there are others who do it to spend time with their friends and make genuine memories.

Image result for intramural football
Photo by TeamSideLine of college students making memories playing football

The health benefits from the sport are tremendous as well. With the amount of running and durability that will be challenged on the body, metabolism will become critical and improved.

Although the university is rather small, there are many students who are diehard football fans. Due to the fact that football is the most popular sport in America, our school is bound to have many who at least have some kind of interest in the sport.

Image result for intramural football
Photo by of a Rosalind Franklin University group of university students playing intramural football

“I never understood why our school doesn’t have a football team and why we still don’t have at least an intramural team,” Kyle McCaughey, sophomore, psychology major said.

A passionate football fan is clearly upset at the fact at how little football is valued here and would love to finally see a change. “I’ve talked to the director before about a team and I’m just not sure it’ll ever happen, McCaughey said.”

“I’d definitely join the league if this became a real thing to keep myself in shape,” Jon Papp, sophomore, business management major, said.

Papp, who plays golf for the school, is a sports fanatic and anything related to it he would love to be a part of. “Being around sports is something I’ve done my whole life and I really think this would be a fun league to start,” he said.

“Besides golf, football is easily my favorite sport, so I would do it in a heartbeat,” Daniel Murphy, sophomore, business management major, said.

Murphy, like Papp, plays golf and looks for any way to stay in shape for the season. “I think there’d be a lot of teams that would sign up for sure and I don’t understand how this league has not already started,” he said.

Attending a school just outside Philadelphia limits should say a lot about the passion for football here. Geographically speaking, Philadelphia is our closest major city and has been a football town for nearly a century now. The passion is something that is already here. What the university needs is a kickstart to persuade the students to participate.

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Kevin McLaughlin

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