Left feeling stressed, unaccomplished as the semester reaches its conclusion

By Megan Pellegrino
May 3, 2007

As the end of the semester finishes up fast, this can only mean one thing. It is the time of the year where I completely stress out!

It almost seems that each class has a final project, final paper, final exam and final presentation. Multiply all of these assignments by seven classes and you get an exhausted, stressed out, fatigued student.

Why are there so many finals?

Why does there have to be so much work at the end of the semester when the sun is finally shining and everyone has a bad case of spring fever?

Now I do understand that this is college, we are here to learn and need to have papers, presentations and such, but all compiled at the end is somewhat ridiculous.

Do not get me wrong. I am a hard working overachiever. I am really a dork in many ways to say that I really do love school and learning, but when everything becomes accumulated into a mish-mash of assignments, it is overwhelming. The fun part of school is ripped away from the student; instead, doing work becomes a chore.

Personally, I feel as though every teacher waits until the end of the semester to load on that huge project on top of the final exam. The projects should be due some time in mid semester without overlapping projects, papers and presentations per class.

Choose a time when we as students have no other assignments and it’s cold out and there is no need to go outside and take a break because it is 20 below.

We as students should feel accomplished and excited to work on a major project. Every assignment should stand out at a unique time during the semester where we can focus on solely that task, not just around from one assignment to another because they are all due on the same date.

Spread out assignments, papers, projects and presentations, do not tack on final to these words. A final means just one assignment per class not five different finals per class.

Now I may be dreaming, stepping over my boundaries or reaching for the unreachable but I do not think that this is too much to ask for.

Until then, I will remain stressed out and exhausted at the end of each semester with hundreds of finals and absolutely no time.

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Megan Pellegrino

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