LEADstrong encourages students

By Sean Collins
September 17, 2012

What skill sets do you have that make you a good leader? This was the question of the day in Grace Hall this Sunday. Students were invited to the year’s opening LEADstrong Workshop.  Students were assigned to tables with a counselor. The workshop gave students the oppurtunities to answer questions that challenged them to evaluate their own leadership skills as well as develop their own. Cookies, coffee and other refreshments were available to participants.

“It is all about helping students identify what they need to become leaders.”   Andy West, coordinator of facilities and operations said.

“The big thing here is to help them identify what they have and what they need to become leaders.”

During the workshop, a number of exercises and activities were used by the students in order to help them realize their potential. The exercises worked as both motivational thought provokers as well as ice breakers. Each student seated at the tables got to know those around them on a personal level. The exercises raised such leadership subjects as positive thinking, encouraging others, overcoming difficulties, accepting criticism and using it to improve, growing in abilities, using and applying strengths, and recognizing goals.

“Be specific with your goals,” West said.

“Break down what you want to accomplish to their fundamental components. Have a clear vision of what you plan to do. You can’t make things better unless you know what they are.”

Every student at each table contributed in the activities. Some even gave examples of goals they planned or accomplished. What was presented to them forced them to think of what they planned to do and how they planned to do it.

“Leadership is not about a position or a title you hold,” West said.

“Everybody has a role within a group. It is about developing skills to help you become the person that you want to be.”

The first exercise consisted of students writing down five verbs and nouns that best described themselves. However, most students found themselves having trouble with this and were lucky to write down three words.

“LEADstrong is a great way for students to become stronger on themselves.”  business and political science major Greg Robinson said.

“”To help find their voice, vision, and victory.” Robinson said.

The focus of the workshop was to let students look at themselves and realize their true potential. One of the exercises allowed the students to realize leadership within their own context.

“Be kind, gentle and thoughtful and make the world a better place.” human resources major Caitlyn Canfield said.

Sean Collins

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