Latest trends hit the scene for fall, winter

By Megan Conte
October 8, 2009

America has a style of its own that changes year-to-year and season-to-season. With the seasons changing, students will change their trends and wardrobes for 2009 as it gets colder out.

This year, flannels, t-shirts and jeans, along with a more relaxed and layered look are in, according to the Fashion 2009 Web site.

The Web site also suggests more earthy colors instead of bright pastels. Women and men will create a style of their own this season. These styles are drastically different from just a year ago.

According to “People: Style Watch,” adding trendy boots and a mini skirt is the key to a rocker, chic look. Leggings are also one of the fall’s hottest trends, along with a leather blazer and fun pump shoes. The schoolboy look is big for this fall, as well as dark jeans. Adding color and accessories to any black and white outfit is key.

Many college students agree on not following celebrity trends and just buying what is on sale because they are on a tight budget. Most students buy what they like and what is most comfortable.

“Why should I follow celebrity trends? I like being unique,” Michael Pontoriero, freshman exercise science major, said.

Many women are seen wearing spandex this season, while some believe they are out of style.

“The spandex are out,” Katie Juliana, junior social work and sociology major, said.

“For men, the most popular look for the fall is a thermal shirt, jeans and a North Face,” Derek Chiarella, senior political science major, said. Chiarella says the bubble jackets need to go for the winter.

Layering is very popular for men this season. Plaid is most popular amongst them along with a prep look, which includes a cardigan over a shirt.

“Hoodies are simply the best invention besides ponchos,” Bill Monahan, senior English major, said.

Monahan has a big issue with men and women wearing UGGs before the first snowfall, along with North Face jackets.

“I do not follow any specific trends. I do follow hairstyles and their sunglasses, but I follow hair more than anything,” Natalie Holdsworth, junior elementary education major, said.

“I don’t really keep up with it. I do see a lot of plaid – everyone is selling plaid,” John Pino, an admissions counselor, said.

When Pino worked at American Eagle, he claimed it was much easier for him to keep up with the trends but now he has other stuff to keep up with.

As for men this season, the Fall 2009 Web site Men’s Fashion suggests thick, chunky cardigans, prep-style, belted coats, long scarves and double-breasted suits. Canvas shoes are expected to be a hit, so throw the leather out, except for the work boots.

Students at Cabrini had many opinions about what is in and out for 2009. This season people will see celebrities sporting their own styles, just like Cabrini students.

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Megan Conte

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