Lana Del Rey here to stay

By Brianne Drissel
September 11, 2012

Tired of listening to the same old tunes? Want to hear something different that isn’t played, say, 10 times in one day? All favorite albums aside, hearing songs so often can become tiresome. Music has become such an integral aspect in the lives of many, there is no better time to seek out and listen to new artists. With the arrival of internet radio and file sharing, new artists are springing up just about every other day.

Take a quick listen to Lana Del Rey, an indie pop singer and songwriter from nearby New York City. Relatively new to the music industry, this up-and-coming artist jump started her own career, by uploading some of her tracks and music videos to YouTube. A viral hit song “Video Games” was acclaimed by many.

Shortly after the song was released, the 26-year-old was signed by a record company. She then had the support to start embellishing her own songs professionally. With help from her record label, Lana Del Rey was able to publish her first digital album “Lana Del Rey A.K.A. Lizzy Grant,” solidifying herself as a voice to be reckoned with.

Her self titled album is based on her initial performances in New York City. At the time, only 18 years old, Del Rey began performing in clubs in the city and was referred to by her given name, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Grant. As Lizzy Grant, she produced numerous tracks, but unfortunately none that were considered hit worthy. Later on she chose a different name, one in which she felt would better reflect her style. The performing name Lana Del Rey conveys class, maturity and style, all of which are traits that can be used to describe her music.

To bring you up too speed, Del Rey has recently accomplished the release of her second studio album Born to Die where she presents “National Anthem,” a song dedicated to John F. Kennedy’s well-remembered time in the White House – tempting many to create conversation, if not controversy. Nonetheless, Del Rey is currently writing and recording tracks for her “Paradise” edition of “Born to Die” which will feature multiple new tracks and has fans awaiting the release date, which is set to be sometime in November .

While Lana Del Rey may not be for everyone, she is a quintessential candidate when looking at how new artists are emerging. She is a young, talented, beautiful woman who used the internet and networking to her advantage. Using her skill set, she was able to convince users via video to support her and fall in love with her music. With her current fan base and upcoming projects, she is sure to leave a lasting impression on the music industry.


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Brianne Drissel

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