Lacrosse seniors look to clench final CSAC championship

By Justin Barnes
May 3, 2018

As the year comes to a close, seniors feel an urge to make sure they end the activities they’re involved in on a high note. This is especially the case for athletes who will be participating in the Colonial States Athletic Conference for the last time.

On April 28, 2018, the Cabrini men’s lacrosse team will participate in the annual CSAC playoffs. This year, there are six seniors on the team who will be graduating in May. As a result, these playoffs will be the last time they represent Cabrini in the conference.

Men’s lacrosse head coach Steve Colfer is preparing the team for the playoffs  the same way the team would prepare for any other game, by working on techniques and plays that have gotten the team to the playoffs. Because of the team’s conference win streak and player experience, Colfer is also confident that the team will make it through the playoffs.

“We’ve been conference champions for a lot of years in a row, our players know how to handle post-season and they know what it takes to win in the post season,” Colfer said. “So I’m confident that this year will be no different.”

Coach Steve Colfer is confident that the seniors will pull through in the CSAC tournament and is proud of how they’ve grown since they began playing for the team. Photo from Cabrini Athletics

Colfer also pointed out that the seniors have contributed a great deal to the team and it will be hard to replace their skills and personalities when they graduate. He’s certain that they’re looking at the upcoming playoffs from a different perspective, seeing that this is the last time they’ll be playing for Cabrini.

Colfer understands this, claiming that the feelings are natural, but the seniors still need to stay focused and do their duties on the field in order to end the season on a high note.

“I think it’s just human nature that when you get to the end of anything, you tend to be a little more reflective and a little more emotional,” Colfer said.

Senior faceoff player, Riley Michaels,  joined the team in 2014 because he heard about the high level of success the lacrosse team has had since Colfer began coaching. He wanted to compete at an elite level, while enjoying the social side of Cabrini at the same time. Michaels also feels that he has grown as an athlete in the last four years.

“Cabrini has taught me how to handle adversity and respect other opinions,” Michaels said. “The amount of friendships that I have gained here have truly been remarkable as well.”

A veteran of three CSAC tournaments, Michaels is determined to help his team take home one more plaque before he graduates, but is also happy with the success he’s had throughout his time at Cabrini.

“I’m very content with my success in the CSAC and I know that the underclassmen will continue the streak that has been put before them,” Michaels said.

Michaels’ initial strategy when going into the CSAC tournament is to give it his all such as winning every possession at the face-off. That way he knows what he needs to do to ensure victory for the team.

As CSAC approaches, the lacrosse seniors are dedicated to add to the undefeated streak one last time. Photo from Cabrini Athletics

Senior midfielder Zack Gregory joined the lacrosse team after transferring to Cabrini in the spring of 2015. He knew of Cabrini’s ranking in CSAC, and wanted to join a winning team. Despite playing in CSAC only once in 2017, Gregory has enjoyed representing Cabrini in the conference.

“Coach Colfer has had this undefeated streak in the conference for a long time and being part of a team that keeps the streak going is a nice feeling,” Gregory said.

Ever since he joined the team, Gregory has focused on leading by example and giving his all during practice. This has been a valuable lesson to him. Upon entering CSAC, Gregory’s focus is to play the game the best he can.

“The CSAC, unfortunately, is not the strongest conference and it is important for us to continue to play hard and smart because the teams we will face in the NCAA tournament will be tougher opponents compared to the CSAC,” Gregory said.

As the year wraps up, the lacrosse seniors are determined to end their final season on a high note, and Coach Colfer is confident that they will play their hardest.

“With the NCAA Tournament coming up, the CSAC tournament will be a good marker to see where we are at as a team,” Micheals said.

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Justin Barnes

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