Cabrini spirit flies high in the community

By Imani Fussell
September 25, 2012

Family at the community kite festival.

Cabrini community kite festival.

To sum up a successful family weekend the Cabrini college  Kite Festival and soccer  clinic  was a great time and was an event that drew a lot of people from the surrounding  communities  to  venture  onto  Cabrini’s  campus;  this participation made this event a success. Many participants brought their own kites, but most wanted to show their cabrini spirit by flying the college’s very own kites, which were given out to all who attended. As the day unfolded, the upper athletic field grew fuller with families and friends enjoying the day and the sky filled with kites.

“It was my three-year-old son’s first time flying the kite, and even though it didn’t leave the ground at least he was trying and having fun doing it,” Liliane Min said enthusiastically. “He liked the wizard’s castle more and actually went twice.”

Min  is  a  mother  of  one  from  King  of  Prussia  who attended the festival with her son and husband. This family is actually one of many that heard about the cabrini event through Facebook and decided to attend.

“Mailers, websites, friends, and faculty at the college keep us well informed about the events that happened here at cabrini,”  Peter Smerecki said. “My wife is actually an  alumna so we try to attend as many events as possible.” Smerecki is also a resident of King of Prussia, who attended with his wife Donna.

Junior social work major Emily Sturiz is a transfer student at cabrini this semester but she didn’t have to travel far because she is also from King of Prussia. she attended the kite festival with her mom, sister, nieces and nephew.

When Sturiz was asked how she was enjoying the day so far, she said that she was really enjoying the time she was spending with her family on campus.

“The kids  having  fun  is  what  matters  most  to  me,” Sturiz  said.  She  enjoyed  the  picnic  and  watching  the movie “brave.” She said it was the perfect sunny day and a great way to end the family weekend.

The soccer clinic was a success due to a majority of the men and women’s soccer team  attending to give the children that came out a good push in the right direction.

“It was nice helping the kids out. Seeing them have fun made it a great day overall,” Shaun Ostrowski, sophomore  communication major and soccer player, said.

The children that were there enjoyed themselves going to different stations, doing different drills, while playing games.

“Soccer  pretty  much  is  my  life  because  I  grew  up around soccer and I’d picture my life differently if soccer wasn’t a part of my life,”  Ostrowski said.

Imani Fussell

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