Kingswood Apartments is no place to call home

By Eleni Antipas
April 20, 2011

Kingswood Apartments seemed like a great choice when I first moved to King of Prussia. The complex is close to campus, many of my friends live there and the rent is reasonable. However, what the management at Kingswood Apartments does not tell prospective tenants is that once you move in they will no longer help to fix any of the problems you will have or even respond to your emails or phone calls.

When I first moved in the paint on the walls was dripping on the floor even though they pushed back my move in date twice to “fix-up” the apartment. I noticed that the front door was cracked from top to bottom. When I called to ask them to fix these problems they responded by saying that other apartments in the complex were much worse off than mine and that they cannot be expected to rush over for minor problems. This is a minor problem? I would say that the door having a huge crack in it is a major safety issue.

I was excited to move to a complex that had a gym. While thinking about whether or not to spend the money on the gym membership, I asked to take a tour of the gym. However, every time I asked for a tour there was no one available to show me around. So, I decided to purchase the membership anyway, and inevitably I regretted it just as I regret ever signing my lease.

The gym consists of approximately six cardio machines, three of which are permanently out of order, and one weight station. If a person is lucky enough to get on one of the three working treadmills, they will have to get past the stench of mildew that fills the room. Finally, I am convinced that the televisions are just for show, but on a rare day when one of the televisions is working I can assure you that the audio adaptors will not work.

Since I have moved in there have been three power outages. The last power outage lasted 48 hours and management, being completely indifferent to their tenants needs, offered people without power free pizza. When I told them that pizza was not going to make up for the $200 worth of groceries that I had to throw out they told me that they were not responsible.

The woman I spoke to, who clearly has no experience in customer service, told me that the power outage was just as frustrating for her as it was for me. I find this pretty hard to believe considering that the woman was getting paid to handle people’s phone calls and she got to go home to a place that provides heat and electricity, which I believe is a necessity in the middle of February.

Since Kingswood Apartments finds it difficult to offer heat and electricity I probably should not have expected much from the maintenance team. I do not know the specific duties of the maintenance team, but I can tell you that cleanliness does not seem to be their goal. For example, the laundry room in my building is completely disgusting. There are clumps of dust all along the floor and the two working washing machines have laundry detergent all over them.

The washing machines themselves will definitely take my money, but paying does not always prompt the machines to start washing. The dryers take at least two cycles before the clothes are actually dry, which of course costs more money.

They allow tenants to smoke in all of the buildings so I suggest purchasing a gas mask if you plan on walking through the smoke filled hallways. None of my neighbors bother to pick up after their dogs so there are always a fresh pile of animal waste on my lawn. Lastly, there are no time limits for making loud noise and I am certain that the people who live above me are auditioning for “Stomp. “

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Eleni Antipas

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